Necklaces, over the years, have been a symbol of prestige, class, and beauty. They come in different types, the most popular being diamonds, pearls, station, and charm. Each of these necklaces helps the wearer to be a stand-out from the crowd.

While picking a necklace seems easy enough, choosing the right length of a necklace is essential in ensuring that the type of necklace you are wearing matches and complements your body, the occasion, or the dress accompanying it.

Necklaces come in different length types;

  • Collar (14 inches) – This type of necklace that sits around the neck is worn mostly with open neck clothes, off-shoulders, and V-neck T-shirts.
  • Choker (16 inches) – This type of necklace sits against the base of the throat and complements most outfits and occasions
  • Princess (18 inches) – This type sits on the collarbone, and just like the choker, it’s a perfect complement for everything.
  • Matinee (20-24 inches)- Sits between the collarbone and the bust and is mostly worn with business and casual attire.
  • Opera (28-36 inches) – Sits on or just below the bust and is worn with evening wear and high necklines.
  • Rope (36-42 inches) – Sits at the center of the bust and is worn with office, business, or evening wear.

With these different types of necklace lengths, you must make the right choice.

Neck Size

When choosing the necklace length, you should always measure the size of your neck. After determining your neck size, add 2 inches to it, and you’ll find the perfect length for a choker or collar necklace. For necklaces such as Princess, you can add 4 inches. Chokers are perfect for people with long necks, while those with short necks should consider 18 inches and above.

Face Type

Necklaces help shape the face frame, and the wearer must consider this before choosing a length type. For those with round faces, long necklaces will be a great choice as they will help make their face more prominent. Those with long faces or heart-shaped faces should consider chokers and other short-length necklaces, while those with oval shapes can wear any length type as they all complement their face.

Matching Outfit

A good necklace should complement the wearer’s outfit. For off-shoulders, V necks, and open neck outfits, Chokers and other short-length necklaces match them perfectly. High necklines, polo shirts, and business outfits match well with Matinee and other long necklaces. The occasion also determines this; while Choker and Princess can be worn on any occasion, Formal outfits and occasions would require long type necklaces such as Opera.

Body/Bust Type

For ladies with a small bust, the long necklaces will match them as they sit perfectly below the breast line. Those with big busts should avoid long necklaces and instead opt for short-length necklaces like the 18- or 20-inch necklaces to allow the necklace to hang correctly. Unlike the bust type, when considering the body type, ladies with a slim frame should consider Chokers and Collars, while curvy women would look perfect in Rope and Operas.

Trying the Perfect Necklace

With this guide, it should be easy for you to step out with the perfect necklace. A perfect necklace helps improve your confidence, draw people’s attention, make a statement, be it in a business meeting, an office party, or just a casual meet-up with friends.