Spotify continues to prevail as one of the biggest streaming services, offering a wide array of playlists for music-lovers of genres. Now, they are changing the game by implementing their newest feature called AI DJ

Essentially, you hear the voice of Xavier “X” Jernigan, Head of Cultural Partnerships, as he guides and curates the perfect playlist for each unique listener. The more you give feedback, the better AI DJ will select songs that fit your liking. Of course, the use of AI makes this an even more enjoyable experience. 

On Wednesday, March 8th, Spotify hosted their Stream On 2023 event in the Arts District in Los Angeles. The 3-part series started with keynote presentations at Stream On, before transitioning to Play On at the Spotify offices (also located in Arts District). 

Sheen had the pleasure of speaking with X about the festivities. He states, “Today, we have Stream On where we announced a whole bunch of product updates. Basically, we revamped Spotify. All these amazing creator tools, so creators can better surface what they’re doing, and connect with fans. We want to help creators. That’s our mission as a company, to connect a million creators with a billion fans. That’s our North Star as a company. It’s all these tools, everything we do ladders up to that.”

“We introduced DJ to people who didn’t know it yet, because it’s only been out a couple of weeks,” he continues. “ We have Play On, that’s what you’re at right now. It’s experiential. There’s a DJ section, you could check that out. There’s different talks, different mainstage talks, other experiential things. Tonight, we got Party On. Self-explanatory.”

The Party On showcase concluded at The Roxy, with standout performances from Gwen Stefani and Rita Ora. The all-female lineup was in light of International Women’s Day.