Not only are we quarantined but our hair may feel as a hostage too.  Help! How can we maintain our healthy curls and coils until our beauty appointments?  Some of us are no stranger to haircare or styling products while some of us are complete novices to the whole game of hair.  

Odenton, MD master hairstylist, Veronica Scales, recommends some quick and easy tips to help us manage our manes:

Let your hair breathe.  She suggests that we take out our extensions to let your hair breathe.  Your hair deserves this break too.

Clean your scalp.  Our master hair stylist recommends that we clean our scalp once a week as opposed to when we may not be busy.

Moisturize your scalp.  That’s right, make some time to part and grease your scalp.  We’re taking it back to the old-school for some but this tip is worth every part.

Protect your hair.  While you’re catching some Z’s, your hair needs a break too.  Satin pillowcases are ideal for hair growth and maintenance as you sleep at night.  However, if you can’t get a satin pillowcase try a satin bonnet, satin scarf or etc to tie up your mane at night.

Aside from social distancing and washing your hands, I’m sure that your hair will evolve if you follow these helpful tips.  Once this quarantine is lifted you’ll be back out there strutting your curls and coils for everyone to see. Smile for the camera!  For more hair tips or to make an appointment with Veronica Scales please contact her at 410-672-4247 or visit the official website.


Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one;  author, social worker, early literacy coach and entrepreneur.