Hair length goals are always trending! And, we want to assist you with reaching those personal length goals with these essential tips.

  • Detangle hair while damp

It’s recommended to detangle hair while damp than dry to prevent excess breakage and popping of hair strands.

  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water

You are what you eat! More directly, your hair growth is associated with how to take care of your body. It’s recommended to always have a daily intake of vitamins and healthy food.

  • Use low manipulation styles

Save your edges, your kitchen, and your new growth with easy to-do hairstyles. These hairstyles will also help keep your hands out of your hair.

  • Ditch the heat

Healthy hair growth comes with many challenges that include the need for a nice silk press. But, letting go of the heat for a while promotes healthy hair and limits the risk of heat damage.

  • Trim as needed

Cut the dead ends! But, first know your own hair struggles every month and then know when it necessary for a trim.

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