This upcoming winter, combating cooler temperatures to keep mini curls hydrated and moisturize can be a challenge. Certified hairstylist, Mia Mo is a black hair expert and owner of online hair program My Hair Goals, which offers a hub for women to care and nurture their tresses and build their confidence. We sat down with the hair guru to provide parents with easy and practical tips to prevent their children’s hair from being dry and tangled.

Infuse your child’s hair weekly

“Moisturize your child’s hair at least twice weekly. You don’t want to go too long without hydrating the hair so when the time comes to detangle and style, their hair is soft and easy to manage.”

Tip #1 – Camille Rose ‘s Mandarin Collection Set includes a rich, creamy and rich hair buttercream. The collection’s Brown Butter Melt hair balm is a blend of natural butters and oils that soothe tender scalps and stimulate hair growth. The leave-in conditioner, Sundae Glaze, has a fruity scent and moisturizes each strand and can be rinsed out or left in for a softening glaze. The vitamin-rich Sweet Puddin’ hair buttercream can be used as a styler for braids, twists and knots.

photo obtained from Camille Rose

Protective styles are great, but not too tight

“Irreversible damage like too tight braids can start at a young age, so be kind to their temples. Try to avoid braided styles that pull your child’s hair up into ponytails if you know they’re rough sleepers. You don’t’ want your little one to cause breakage around their hairline while they’re visiting dream land.”

Tip #2 –If you plan to use a protective style, applying a non-toxic oil from Glammed Naturally Oil Kids Hair and Body Oil is certified by the USDA to be safe for children and babies. When used on hair, combing becomes smooth and easy, and leaves hair shiny and healthy.

photo obtained from Glammed Naturally Oil

Treat each curl with TLC

Hair-combing can be painful for little ones as well as their parents. Finding the right balance of moisturizing, nourishing products that are also gentle, nontoxic, and safe for children can be daunting. Pay close attention to hidden drying ingredients packed full of alcohols, petroleum, and mineral oils are going to make it difficult to maintain their curly mane. Opt for organic ad water-based moisturizers to help soften and define those curls.

Tip #3 – Make detangling and washing a breeze with As I Am Born Curly collection formulated for babies and children with hair types 3 and 4. The collection contains no-tears shampoo, cowash, leave-in conditioner and a curl-defining jelly. The cowash improves scalp health and hair moisture level, hydrates and cleans the hair, and is recommended for hair that looks and feels dry. The popular curl-defining jelly has a soft hold and smooths natural curl formations with long-lasting definition and improved shine. Besides being safe for babies, the Born Curly products are certified organic and vegan.

photo obtained from As I AM Kids

Make hair care fun and enjoyable

Regular trips to the salon can be a pleasant adventure when we introduce selfcare at an early age. Teaching children to appreciate, love and nurture their own strands at an early age leads to a lifetime of developing healthy hair care practices.

Before you struggle with styling and caring for natural hair of a fussy kid, try out these kid-friendly hair tips to help your child’s natural curls shine. Loving and enjoying the tresses will make hair washing and styling easier and pain-free.