Uno Williams, the creator of the Patent Perfect Platinum Pixie gives us an inside look into the dynamic style.

Platinum blonde pixies became the most sought-after techniques of 2020, and now 2021. We’ve seen the viral photos land across the explore page and the screenshots taken for every stylists to recreate. Clients all over the world come to sit in the chair of one and only, creator of the Patent Perfect Platinum Pixie, Uno Williams. Uno’s passion for hair began after seeing his mom in the salon every week, “I saw everyone making money while being creative and it just sparked something in me.” Also, my favorite aunt was a stylist and I enjoyed watching her.”

Tell us about your patent platinum pixie technique. How did you start it?

Back in 2003, a former co-worker introduced me to a method, but it was flawed. For years, I did research and experimented for something better. Two clients of mine were chemists, so I got advice from them. Thousands of thousands of dollars later, I was able to perfect it, patent it, and now I certify stylists all over the world on this game changing technique.


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