Protective styles are the new normal to enhance a unique look with the celebrity styling of Harold.

 In 2021 it was reported that there are only 12.2 percent of African American hairstylists in the U.S. Although this statistic may be alarming, we know that our culture has single handedly transformed the beauty industry. From protective styles to natural tresses and hair accessories, we did that! Celebrity hairstylists like Harold are setting the industry on fire. Known as the “The Lace Wig Guru,” Harold has contributed to the hair glory from some of our favorite celebrity looks to date.  His keen skillset turns heads with every style.

Although he’s known for the trendy protective styling of lace wigs, his adorned hands are capable of any type of styling.  His expertise began as a child from him seeing his mother in her own hair salon.  As Harold grew older, he took a serious interest in cosmetology.  His crafting began in hair salons and has evolved to celebrity hair styling around the globe.  I caught up with The Lace Wig Guru to learn more about his pathway to stardom, protective styling, and much more.

How did you get started in the beauty industry?

Back in 2011, I was working in a corporate setting in the fashion world.  I had a good friend who had started a hair salon.  She always wanted me to come on board as a team player and stylist for her because it was always a passion of mine.  Even as a child, my mom owned a salon.  So, it was always something that was in me, but I just never had the courage to pursue it.  The corporate world was just not a good fit for me, so when the opportunity presented itself in my friend’s hair salon, I just went for it.

I love how you mentioned being creative.  What’s your process for working with clients?

I like to be creative with clients, but I do like to get their input because I’m there to please them and find out their do’s and don’ts to execute their styling and take their hair to the next level. With Keyshia, for example, she allows me to be creative, yet there may be times where we may not agree on a style but 9 times out of 10, I have full creative control. 

Do you feel that protective wig styling is overpowering women to not wear their natural hair?

I wouldn’t say overpowering.  It’s a good thing because with these protective styles you can change your look in a matter of minutes due to its versatility.  Some don’t want to color their natural hair because it damages it.  You don’t want to put too much heat on your hair because it damages it.  It’s a great way to go if you want to change your look.  It’s a great addition to wearing your natural hair.

How do you balance traveling with celebrity clients and maintaining your personal clientele in Miami?

The key is staying organized.  It’s very hectic with traveling.  I still have clients that I service in Miami.  My phone is key to me staying organized.  I solely work for myself and don’t have a team, so it’s really important to stay organized between traveling.

What is your favorite holiday hair trend?

  • Metallics, shimmer, and gold with hair accessories.
  • Half up and half downs are versatile to transition to a holiday party or night out with the girls.  It’s very feminine and makes you look young and fresh, especially with a nice face of makeup.  Beat the frizz with ORS products for edge control and more within their product line. 

As The Lace Wig Guru, what are your favorite hair products to have?

  • The ORS Edge Control.  It works good on natural hair before you put the cap on for the install and as a finishing product to slick the edges down.  
  • Ben Nye has a good matte HD foundation as a finishing product to blend the lace in.
  • A comb or brush, edge control, a mirror, and a little sheen or oil are also essential products to have on hand. 

How can we achieve that perfect blend?

Get a lace color that is close to your skin complexion.  I like to use matte foundation or concealer to blend everything out and it takes that white cast off the unit.  Any little foundation that matches your complexion will blend with the skin. 

What’s next for you?

I want to do a product hair care line, offer adhesives, all types of serums, and etc for the hair, the units and even edge control.  I’m working on a luxury line that will be coming soon as well as a luxury salon on the east and west coast.

For more information on Harold:

Instagram: @harold_xxv


Photographer: Sam Diaz | Photo Editor: J. Odell

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