As our new President takes office, America’s people are being hopeful for the direction of our country.  In the first days of the year, many people received a $600 stimulus check, which can be a help to many people especially coming out of 2020. Millions of people are facing a hardship and unemployment is still rising. There are talks of more aid coming to help the people, but will that be enough? With our President and staff trying to stabilize the economy what else could be done? What could Americans that can help, do to help each other?

This past Sunday, I watched church from the comfort of my home. My living room has become a safe place for me due to COVID-19. While viewing online, I saw something that is not typically done, especially not in church. Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church had baskets filled with money and told the congregation to take what they needed. In that moment, my prayer was answered. I had been asking God what about the people. So many people give and serve others, but rarely are on the receiving end in time of need. I’ve never seen a Pastor say let me take care of you this time. The church can’t afford to give out stimulus checks, but it can cover its people in time of need. No one walked away with a car note or mortgage note payment, but the fact that something was sown back into them made a huge difference. It allows the people to know that the church has their back and that they are stronger together.

There is always so much chatter when it comes to giving; especially when it is related to church; However, knowing that you are sowing into a place that is for the people, could possibly change your perspective and allows you to see that the church is not what people make it out to be. There are churches that do an awesome job in outreach and giving back to the community. This was a moment when the church needed to recognize the people that are pouring into its operation. It’s one of those moments when you feel like your cup was filled, especially when you are always emptying it fulfilling the needs of others. We are supposed to give with a heart of thanksgiving and know that when we do good deeds, good things await us. Sometimes, it doesn’t always happen that way. From experience, serving isn’t always easy. The weight of a need can take a toll on a person and sometimes negative energy transpires.

While we are going through the stages of getting America back on track, ask yourself what can I do to help. There are many things that we can all do to assist each other while we transition. We can donate food to a pantry that helps feed families. Check on your neighbors to make sure that everything is ok for them. Sometimes pride keeps people from asking for help. Check on the elderly to make sure they have what they need to survive. Be kind and have patience with people. This is a tough time for so many people and we will not always know where someone is mentally. People perceive things differently and we must allow a lot more grace.

Americans need each other right now. We need all the love and support we can get. It’s time that we lean on each other and pour our love back into one another. It has been a difficult challenge for decades, but what comes next is determined by what is done now. In everything we do there is a process. We may all feel the pain that America is broken, but pain is an indication that something is wrong and requires attention. The next step determines how the people decides to heal.