If you’re selling out shows in your hometown, you’re definitely doing something right! On Tuesday, May 16th, Hayley Kiyoko took over The Wiltern in Los Angeles, selling out the venue as part of her global headlining PANORAMA Tour, in support of her most recent sophomore album titled PANORAMA.

The pop sensation is known for her empowering music and LGBTQ+ activism. Her outfits were a sight to behold, with each costume change outshining the last in glitter and sparkle in hues on pinks, purples, and orange. Kiyoko was accompanied by a talented drummer and smooth guitarist, who helped bring her music to life in an unforgettable way. Her dancers were lively and confident, adding just the right amount of sex appeal to the show.

Throughout her performance, Kiyoko radiated gratitude and love, thanking her fans after every song. Her tribe of lesbian followers felt empowered by her music, and at one point, the crowd erupted into a chant of “LES-BI-AN, LES-BI-AN!” It was a powerful moment that showcased the impact Kiyoko has on her fans.

The most endearing moment arrived as Hayley gave an inspirational speech about chasing her dreams as “a raging lesbian.” This encouraged and gave hope to the entire crowd that they too have what it takes to turn their wildest dreams into a reality.

The pop star performed many fan favorites, including “Determinate,” “Curious,” and “Sleepover.” But it was her hit song, “Girls Like Girls,” that brought the house down and marked the end of the show. Fans left the Wiltern on a Hayley Kiyoko high, talking about the incredible performance and the energy that filled the theater.

Overall, the Hayley Kiyoko concert was an unforgettable experience. She left a lasting impression on her fans, and her message of self-love and acceptance resonated throughout the night. Hayley Kiyoko is a true icon, and her music has the power to inspire and uplift anyone who listens.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Hayley Kiyoko