PROPEL, an innovation hub dedicated to propelling Black talent from the Historically Black Colleges and Universities, hosted a remarkable college scholarship event in collaboration with founding partners: Apple and Southern Company. The event aimed to support and nurture a new generation of Black leaders through various programming and workforce development initiatives. According to PROPEL, its vision is to create enduring prosperity and improve lives through transformative educational approaches. This event brought together students, industry professionals, and renowned figures in the music and entertainment field for an inspiring and educational experience.

The event featured a lineup of panelists, including the esteemed Sonja Norwood, Cortez Bryant, and other influential figures who are pillars in the music and entertainment industry. Their presence and expertise added immense value to the event, allowing students to gain insights from experienced professionals and learn about the dynamics of the industry.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for students to pitch their music label concept as a presentation. This allowed students to showcase their creativity, businesses, and understanding of the music industry. The students were encouraged to think innovatively and develop ways to not only resonate with audiences, but also have a lasting impact on the industry.

Throughout the event, excitement and enthusiasm filled the room.Panelists provided invaluable feedback and guidance to the students, helping them refine their ideas and understand the intricacies of running a successful music label. The students were inspired by the panelists’ personal stories and professional journeys, which further fueled their motivation to pursue their dreams in the music and entertainment industry.

In addition to the panel discussions and student presentations, the event also offered networking opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals and build meaningful relationships amongst attendees. This aspect of the event was instrumental in fostering mentorships, future collaborations and internships.

The HBCU College Scholarship Event hosted by PROPEL, in partnership with Apple and Southern Company, was a memorable success. It provided a platform for talented students to showcase their skills, learn from industry experts, and receive support in pursuing their aspirations. By nurturing Black talent and empowering the next generation of leaders, PROPEL continues to make a profound impact on the HBCU ecosystem and the music industry at large.