It’s over, okay?! No – not okay. Issa stole our hearts in 2016 with the quirky, postgraduate or lack thereof, realness. The awkward character, played by Issa Rae, was coming to terms with life as it was, juggling a couple of relationships and just trying to make it. Over the past five seasons, we’ve watched both the character and the real-life history-defining mogul find herself, her love, and the career of her dreams! Come thru Iss!

From the mirror raps to the smooth one-liners that only certain folks would catch, ‘Insecure’ has been an absolute joy. We enjoyed watching the series evolve into a cultural phenomenon. The soundtracks were always on point and filled with new artists, and the fashion was top tier. The ‘Insecure’ has touched millions of people, and we hate to see it go. Issa, Molly, Lawrence, Kelli, Tiffany, Neil and the rest of the case – we will miss you.