When God looked at man –

And added color to his skin

He thought “How Beautiful –

I will make more men”


And when he made the black woman

He smiled with glee

For the moment she was created

She was made to be free.


For he knew they would struggle-

He already knew their song

He created them to endure

He made them strong.


He knew they would cry –

For He knew they would see

The love He had for them

They were made to be free.


And He knew if ever the two loved one another

The black woman and man

For the love would be beautiful and strong enough

To rule over the land


That’s black love – Beautiful love

Designed by Christ himself

That’s black love – Bewitching love

Created by God himself.


The power that two black souls create

Once those two hearts combine –

The power is untouched

And the love is divine.


And as the black love starts to grow

And creates an empire within

Sparks will start to fire

As the black family begins.


Black is beautiful. It’s powerful.

Black love creates a fire within

God knew what power Black love would possess

The moment he created their skin.


This poem was submitted by Patrick B. Evans II


Patrick B. Evans II is a 19 year old native from Hueytown, Alabama; a city located right outside of Birmingham. Patrick is currently attending Alabama State University, and has been accepted to Samford University’s ESEC Program to further his studies. He currently works as a paraprofessional in the Jefferson County School System, with the goal of becoming an Elementary School Teacher. His ultimate vision is to one day open his own school. He is passionate about writing and reading poetry. He loves music, television and film that showcases black excellence and culture.