He Who Findeth: A Cinderella Christmas Tale” is a heartwarming holiday story that puts a fresh and enchanting spin on the timeless Cinderella narrative. Set against the backdrop of a magical Christmas season, this charming tale follows the journey of a young man who stumbles upon a mysterious invitation to a royal Christmas ball.

Ramona DeBreaux, known for her keen eye for compelling narratives and dedication to bringing unique stories to the screen, has once again raised the bar with “He Who Findeth.” The film, set to become a cinematic marvel, explores themes of love, destiny, and the intricate dance between fate and free will. 

Ramona Debreaux the executive producer spoke about her inspiration for the film with SHEEN TV, Ramona’s inspiration included her on-air discussions with men and women opinions and reactions to her dating and relationship topics that she often sparked amongst her listeners, friends, and family.

Ramona Debreaux spoke life into love and relationships, that no matter what “good wins” and that God will not forsake you. She believes if you believe in your happy ending, it will happen because of God’s promises. Don’t give up or speak negatively are a few of the gems Ramona dropped as key messages from the film. 

This film is perfect for the holiday season, and includes an all star cast such as; Brad James, Erica Hubbard, Rodney Perry, Javon Johnson, Reece Odum, and more! The film was directed by Michael A. Pinckney. If you’re seeking a holiday movie to enjoy with the family, this movie is perfect for you.

The film is currently available on Tubi, Amazon Prime, and more!

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