Former celebrity trainer, health and wellness coach and book author DeBlair Tate talks to Sheen Magazine about her highly-proclaimed book, “Resilient as F*CK”. How did she come up with this bomb title? Tate shared that the title of her debut book was inspired  by something with considerable energy behind it to express how strongly she felt about the things she was discussing in her book. Tate further shared  “Now I was very skeptical about spelling the F acronym out, but when the designer sent me that option for the cover, I was blown away and shocked at the same time, but it felt so appropriate. It sealed the deal. I felt every vibe from it, so I ran with it and never looked back.

This book  means a lot to Tate and is inspired by personal experiences. Her mission is to help people redefine their success, recommit to themselves and reactivate their personal goals. Tate shares.

 “After reading this book, I hope that readers start to believe in themselves, especially when everything around them seems to be against them, and also get them to understand that fighting to just exist is not good enough. I want people to have the option to think greater than what’s in front of them, allowing nothing or no one to cause them not to be able to excel. Mindset is definitely a personal choice, but if they don’t know what that’s supposed to look like or how it affects you, they’re still just as bad off. My book will serve as the blueprint to understanding and obtaining that ideal mindset.

When asked what the writing process is like and what she hopes readers acquire from her book? Tate shares.

“The writing process was actually very challenging. I wrote about things and opened doors that haven’t been open in a while. It brought back feelings and memories that I had already suppressed. I had to intentionally remember my purpose for writing this book. It was no longer about me but more about using my life as a lesson to guide and assist someone else. My passion is to help others, so opening up and letting the world into my life is a huge step. This book means everything and is the foundation for what I stand for, so every word I wrote has beyond measurable meaning.

We here at Sheen Magazine salute Tate for sharing her personal experiences in her book in hopes to help readers  redefine their success, and recommit to themselves to reactivate their personal goals. Feel free to purchase the book at, it will also be available after the launch date of 1 June 2022 on and other major book locations such as Barnes and Noble, Target, and Walmart.