One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to cook more and eat out less! Whether you’re looking to eat healthier, or save some more money having the right resources is key! I use the internet a little too often to get recipe inspiration but having a cookbook in my home just sounds more realistic. Here are some cookbooks to help you power through the New Year and guide you into the right direction the reasy way!

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Rukmini Iyer Dinner’s in the Oven: Simple One-Pan Meals, $15.20

If you find yourself too lazy to cook sometimes, we’ve got the perfect solution. All the recipes in this book only take one pan to make and the recipes are unreal. They’re all delicious, fresh, and oh-so-comforting.

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Vanessa Croessmann Awesome Vegan Soups, $15.74

Nothing says winter to me than soups. These are all meat and dairy-free but don’t let that scare you off because each dish it to die for! 80 soup recipes for $15?! It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Kate Bradley Bliss Bites, $11.82

Want to stay healthy in 2020 but hate to give up chocolates? Don’t you worry because Kate Bradley is here to let you know you can fulfill those sweet cravings. These vegan and gluten-free treats will ensure you snack healthy!

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Stephanie Tornatore & Adam Bannon Healthy Meal Prep, $12.59

Meal prepping has been huge these last few years. If you thought it was difficult then you were clearly wrong. This cookbook not only shows you how to portion but its also a great eguide for packing easy sheet-pan meals and delicious work week dinners.