Healthy Today or Tomorrow – a life-changing read.

Healthy Today or Tomorrow is the new book to gain health and lose weight in a joyful way. The idea is to learn to win the game against those extra pounds and bad habits. Through the six chapters of this book, Dr. Pedro Torres Allen invites us to identify and fix our eating and life habits, explaining the importance of good rest and the effects of eating late at night. He also explains the relevance of sunbathing in our process to become healthier, get to the ideal weight, and see our new shape in the mirror.

This book, written by the traumatologist and surgeon, with a master’s degree in nutrition, is a translation of the Latin American BEST SELLER ¿Te cuidas hoy o te cuidas mañana? This title has been an Amazon best seller in multiple countries of Latin America and now will be available in English to change your life and help you become the best version of yourself.

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All images courtesy of Dr. Pedro Torres