There are so many conferences and brunches popping up. All with the promises of women empowerment and we love to see it. Empowerment is more than getting cute and having brunch, in fact that is a delightful way to network and get a breakthrough. What happens when you get home and that sister circle is not in the room? How do you keep that empowerment? Recently Sheen Magazine had the pleasure to sit and chat with renowned life coach and TED Talk speaker, Deliqua Isom who was able to provide us with just how deep EMPOWERMENT really gets. 

SHEEN: First off love what you do and what you stand for. What made you decide that you want to take on this role of life coaching and what was the process like for you? 

Deliqua Isom: I know that my journey of healing from past traumas has led me to be chosen as an Anti-Anxiety Expert by a higher power. Through my own experiences of overcoming adversity, I discovered my purpose and calling to help others navigate through their own challenges and find healing. 

SHEEN: It’s so important that when we’re talking or teaching that we are “healed” so to speak. At what moment did you say, “This is my calling. This is my purpose. I’m ready”?

Deliqua Isom: I realized that I was ready to step into my calling when I no longer felt the lingering effects of past trauma in my interactions with those who had hurt me. Let me explain. My nervous system no longer sends signals through my body of uneasiness, fear, and anxiety,  to name a few.  I firmly believe that when operating in spaces where you have to assist and help with their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being, you have to be the exact blueprint of what healing looks like and is. You have to walk in it.

SHEEN: When we speak directly to our black women being able to recognize they need help and being able to ACT on it, what would you say are some of the signs? 

Deliqua Isom: Signs that black women may need help include avoidance, anger, defensiveness, coping mechanisms, depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and feelings of inadequacy. Recognizing these signs is crucial in seeking the support needed for healing and growth. 

SHEEN: With your coaching sessions you target some pretty powerful places; trauma triggers, lack of confidence, lack of clarity for purpose, and conflict resolution just to name a few. In what ways do you feel as though these things can make a person to be less productive? 

Deliqua Isom: Addressing trauma triggers, lack of confidence, lack of clarity, and conflict resolution is essential for personal growth and productivity. By uncovering and understanding the root causes of these issues, individuals can break free from recurring cycles and uncertainties, allowing them to show up authentically and lead a more productive and fulfilling life. So we must dive deeper into each trauma trigger because for each there is a triggered behavioral response and pattern. We have to understand there is a POWER that FREEDOM from trauma etc gives you: that will allow you to see and hear things differently. The healed version of us responds, sees, hears, and receives information differently. 

When you take the power back from any source that holds it, you now become the dominant force in your life to co-create a life of flow and ease, love and light. Experiences that aren’t tainted by your past. You can then learn how to be more present which will allow you to be more productive. That is the process of  Genesis 1:28 “Be fruitful and multiply and take dominion over everything.”

SHEEN: We love to see the empowerment of women. What made you specifically focus on women empowerment? 

Deliqua Isom: I intentionally focus on enriching and adding value to women. This stems from a belief in the importance of creating safe spaces for personal growth and healing. I aim to help women recognize and enhance their innate strengths and abilities, rather than simply empowering them through external means.  I believe the word “empowerment”  is loosely used and is sometimes attached to manipulation.  

SHEEN: There are so many that claim they are about “women empowerment”, so what is your true definition of how you define women empowerment?

Deliqua Isom: Through my movement, EnRicHer, I enrich women through the process of adding value and fostering personal growth. This involves walking you step-by-step,  providing tools, knowledge, and support, but women become empowered when they take action and do the inner work required for personal transformation.

SHEEN: With your projects that you’ve done, “Through The Pain, I Rise” and “Behind The Scenes Of The Purpose”, what were you hoping the outcome would be and would you say you’ve accomplished that?

Deliqua Isom: My projects, “Through The Pain, I Rise” and “Behind The Scenes Of The Purpose,” were created to give a voice to survivors of abuse and trauma, showcasing the power of forgiveness and healing and how they go hand in hand when you are a transformational journey.  The intended outcome was to inspire others to break free from their past pain and transform it into strength and resilience.  I am grateful to have received numerous testimonies of impact from those who have engaged with my work.

SHEEN: Looking back on your accomplishments, is there anything you would have done differently?

Deliqua Isom: Reflecting on my accomplishments, I wouldn’t change a thing. I trust in the divine guidance that has shaped my journey and know that my resilience, dedication, and obedience have led me to where I am today.

SHEEN: Your influence is so powerful and comes with great responsibility. How do you make sure you prepare and get yourself in position to help others?

Deliqua Isom: To prepare myself to help others, I prioritize self-care practices such as meditation, somatic yoga, and daily reflection. By staying connected to my inner self and seeking guidance from a higher power, I ensure that I am in the right mindset to support and uplift those around me. A big daily practice for me is detaching from distractions and emotions that don’t serve me, my vibrational energy or frequency. I also check in daily with myself by asking myself a few questions.

SHEEN: What can we expect next from you and your brand? 

Deliqua Isom: Stay tuned for the EnRicHer Retreat Experience in Tulum on August 2-4, 2024, where ten incredible women will have the opportunity to release what no longer serves them and rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirit. Follow me on Instagram @Deliqua_isom for more information and updates on upcoming events and offerings.

 Pouring into others can take a lot of your energy and leave you needing to have your emotional cup refilled. It’s refreshing to know that there are people like Deliqua Isom who have chosen to use their gifts to help others. At SHEEN we pride our publication on being able to provide tools and resources to help navigate through this journey called life. We encourage you to find a safe space to talk and seek the help you need even if it’s just an ear to listen to our shoulder to lean on. The time to work on you is now and we want to hear your success stories and how you’ve overcome. 

Photo Credit: Antoinne Jones