I know the thought of a hair oil can be kind of scary, but I’m telling you – it’s the best hidden ingredient in the world of hair. Hair oils have revived my hair time and time again and who doesn’t love a little boost in shine? With the right products and the right formulation, hair oils can be a lifesaver and not so much scary. Here are some hair oils I have been loving recently. Be sure to share with me what your favorite hair oil is in the comments below.

photo obtained from Nairobi Professional

Nairobi Botanical Oils, $14

Are you guys even surprised to see this product at the top of my list? This one is great for all hair types and seriously works magic. It was formulated with natural oils to not only condition but moisture the hair to perfection.

photo obtained from Sephora

Ouai Hair Oil, $28

I love this product because you can apply it to wet or dry hair. It’s great to get rid of those flyaways and is super nourishing on the ends.

photo obtained from Amazon

Curls Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth, $12

They had me at blueberries! There are so many nutrients in this prodcut. It’s a great oil to use on hair that you want to repair and restore.

photo obtained from Amazon

Mielle Organics Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil, $10

I love Mielle’s strengthening oil because it not only nourishes those hair folicles but it works great at providing the scalp with hydration.

photo obtained from Net-a-Porter

Vernon François Overnight Repair Treatment Oils, $40

I love a good overnight product – this one does all the magic while you sleep! It has a healthy blend of oils and vitamin E to restore the hair.

photo obtained from Amazon

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil, $70

Formulated with camellia oil, this one is super moisturizing, lightweight, and leaves the hair looking shiny as ever.