Have you heard of a cleansing oil?

Whether you have oily skin or not, a good quality cleansing oil should most definitely be incorporated into your skincare routine. Cleansing oils are much like a makeup wipe or micellar water but are considered to be the most gentle on the skin.

Check out five of our favorite cleansing oils below and why we love them! Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever used a cleansing oil and which ones you are loving!

photo obtained from Amazon

Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil, $14

Coconut oil is great for the skin but coconut oil mixed with argan oil? We call that magic! This oil is not only cleansing but it does an amazing job of removing makeup off the face without leaving any residue. The fact that it is also affordable is also a huge plus in our book.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil, $28

There’s nothing better than removing your makeup off at the end of the day. Like the name, it literally melts off the makeup and dirt off your face. There is no better feeling, trust me.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, $32

This sweet lavender-scented cleansing oil is so refreshing, especially at the end of a long workday. Soothe your skin while removing dirt, oil, and makeup from your face. There is squalane and primrose oil formulated into it to ensure that it does not strip the skin’s natural moisture away.

photo obtained from Target

Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser, $18

This cleansing oil was formulated with fermented oat, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, and glycerin in order to moisturize the skin while removing all the dirt and debris off your face. After the first use, you’ll begin to see how dewy and supple it makes your skin.

photo obtained from Sephora

Laneige Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser, $34

This cleansing oil is packed with great ingredients such as white leaf tea extract and jojoba oil! It will keep your skin moisturized while ensuring that all the gunk is removed off your face. We highly recommend this cleansing oil for those of you with sensitive skin.