“I don’t mean to brag, but I’ll be, the best you ever had.”
-The City of Chicago to Chicagoans & Tourists

We can collectively agree that there’s no city in America with better food than Chicago. You can search and try to find a way to dispute this fact, but in reality, you know it’s impossible.

With our legendary deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style Hot Dogs and Italian beefs, just to name a few, there’s no doubt that we’re top tier.

I’m pretty sure people from different cities can say, “WELL WE HAVE THAT AS WELL.”

Firstly, jealousy is the ugliest trait. Of course, your city has those food options; however, it’s nowhere near as good as ours.

Chicago’s deep-dish pizza is bursting in flavor with every bite. From the golden crust to the hot gooey cheese, you’d be lucky if there’s a slice left to take home.

Secondly, our legendary hot dogs can NOT be recreated anywhere else. There’s a special Chicagoan touch that’s needed to keep it authentic. Of course, you can use our same toppings like yellow mustard and a fresh slice of tomato to name a few, but if the hot dog is not made here, it’s trash.

Lastly, the Italian beefs here are impeccable. Whether you like yours dry, dipped or completely baptized, if you don’t faint after the first bite, you’re not really living life. There are so many different cheese options to choose from, but true Chicagoans like their Beefs topped with Mozzarella or American cheese.

Some honorable mentions of Chicago’s best food are pizza puffs, our crunchy yet juicy chicken, and Philly cheesesteaks.

If you still think your city has better food than Chicago, keep it to yourself because at this point, it’s embarrassing.