Capturing unforgettable moments on film seems like an aimless job. You go to the venue, get the shots, go home and edit. For the average photographer, this probably is effortless but for THEE photographer this is the life,

“I see getting the shot as a story. Every time my client sees the shot, that they relive it and enjoy it. I look at my craft as something that’s special and timeless.”

You may have seen his work in one of your favorite magazines or online on one of the most talked about blog sites and we can almost bet that when you saw the shot, you felt like you were there. From the destination wedding in the islands for Actress Aisha Hinds and her husband Nigel Walker to the most recent nuptials of Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green and his wife Hazel Renee, Stanley Babb of Stanlo photography is one of the most in-demand photographers in the business. His eye for detail and his crisp color contrasts have made him one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in the industry.

What has been important to him in his career has been consistency, Babb says, “Consistency has been the key for me in this business because much of my business come through referrals. One of my first opportunities as a shooter was with Letoya Luckett for a cover of a magazine. Getting the chance to shoot a cover so early in my career just prepared me to be able to work in the industry and with this high level of a client. With a magazine, they are looking for a cover that’s going to make people buy it off the shelves, and with weddings and events, people want to feel like they were in the room when they look at the shot. My goal is to make you feel like you were front and center.”

For Babb his humble start in photography began with his family in the Bahamas and in high school when it was all just a hobby. Just simply taking pictures early on helped him get where he is today, he says, “I started photography as a hobby. I attended college in South Florida at the Devry university studying networking communication management. One year into college I bought a camera to take pictures basically a hobby. I got better and better and better and it was just in me to do. I never quite thought it was something I could turn into a career until people started asking me to take their pictures and I started making money. After a while, it became more demanding, and I had to choose between my career and my degree ultimately, I chose photographer.”

Working with celebrities can be very intimidating in the beginning because that one shot, that one cover can be seen all around the world with just one click. On how he got through those first-time jitters he says, “At first, I was terrified because there are so many people on set, and everyone is depending on you to get this done and make this look great. It’s literally all eyes on you. You know the makeup artists have their job and then the hairstylist has theirs, but the photographer is the one who is responsible to make it all come to life. The photographer makes it all come together so that everyone gets to shine. I like that responsibility because I have studied it and mastered it which makes people trust me when I get behind the lens.”

Babb continues to shine as his work speaks volumes. Check out all of Stanlo Photography on his website and follow his Instagram page