Kami Simmons is an award-winning multi-talented content creator, on-camera entertainment and lifestyle TV and radio host, and media personality who travels around the world. Currently working as a TV and radio personality, influencer, and producer with brands like First Class TV streaming TV network, Yahoo! Finance, xoNecole, Hits 92.3, 21 Ninety, and NoireTV (which has 2 TV channels, billions of viewership, and millions of social media impressions). Her bylines include BET, FOX, NBC, and iHeart Media to name a few.

When did you know you were interested in entering the entertainment/media industry?

I knew I was interested in the entertainment and media industry since I was three. I had an endless imagination. I would tape shows with my twin sister on our camcorder and “air” the VHS recordings to our family and friends at my grandma’s house. This seed later grew into my career in the broadcast media and entertainment industry.

Tell us about your first opportunity to cover a story that let you know; I was right, and this is where I need to be?

The first opportunity to cover a story that let me know I was right, and this is where I need to be was back in 2014 at the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC, when I interviewed a dynamic women singing group called Main Girl. From there, I interviewed reality stars from shows like ‘Bring It.’ Since then, I have interviewed and produced media and entertainment content with many high-profile celebrities, influencers, and thought leaders: Melody Shari, Kendall Kyndall, Ari Fletcher, Grip, Rapsody, and the list goes on. Due to me doing a lot of self-discovery in graduate school, I realized my purpose and why for being in this industry. Being on television allows me to inform and inspire others while expressing myself. Since then, I have worked with media and entertainment outlets such as xoNecole,iHeart Media, Hits 92.3, NBC and FOX News, BET Digital, ViacomCBS, TMZ, and FOX Soul, just to name a few.

While living in Washington, DC, you had the opportunity to work with the former First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, can you tell us about that experience and how did that come about?

Yes, I was blessed and honored to serve in the Obama White House for former First Lady Michelle Obama on her policy team. I helped with her Let Girls Learn initiative and leadership and mentoring program for high school girls in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. One day I had a revelation that I needed to get into the White House during the Obama administration before it was over. Long story short, I applied, and I was originally considered for the social team. Fast forward, I was offered the position on the policy team. During my time of service, I had the opportunity to help with girl and women policies globally, First Lady press materials: remarks & opt-eds and provided directions and escorted guests into high-level meetings when visiting the White House. These were some of the duties I was responsible for while serving in the White House.

Working alongside the First Lady to outlets such as xoNecole, iHeart Media, Hits 92.3, NBC and FOX News, BET Digital, ViacomCBS, TMZ, and FOX Soul, is considered a major difference. Can you tell us about making that adjustment?

Adjusting from the White House to the entertainment and media industry was difficult. However, I had to evaluate where I wanted to see myself professionally. Once I decided that I wanted to be a talent in front of the camera, what dream companies I wanted to work for, and which part of the country I could see myself living, I was able to create a strategy to get to my dream career. I started as a digital producer at BET with ViacomCBS. I then transitioned as an on-air morning host with brands like NBC and FOX, where I had the opportunity to build my on-camera host portfolio while also learning to produce. I recently transitioned back to entertainment and radio, where I fully live out my dream of being an award-winning global on-camera host, actress, producer, and social media personality.  I credit my skills and success in the entertainment and media industry to the many lessons I learned at the White House with Mrs. Obama and the various White House staffers.

You’ve also been the host of a talk show titled “Trensetta Lounge,”; which highlights people making it shake amongst many industries. Why did you feel this was needed, especially for entrepreneurs?

I felt there needed to be a space for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and thought leaders across different industries. I wanted to create a platform where they can share their stories, express themselves and also share knowledge. On the Trensetta Lounge, guests can present their knowledge to millions of potential customers and consumers while getting eyes on their brand and business. Which airs on First Class TV on Roku, Hits 92.3, and iHeart Radio.

First Class TV is a streaming platform for high-profile and rising voices, stories, creators, and thought leaders. Home to content from the largest network of platforms and lifestyle brands serving the multifaceted lives of women, millennials, and beyond!

The Trensetta Lounge is a show featuring thought leaders, entrepreneurs, sauce makers, and mover and shakers throughout many industries (models, influencers, actors, singers, clothing company designers, beverage and food companies, etc.) who are blazing their trails as trendsetters! It is a relatable show that includes life & style, pop culture, and infotainment.

What advice would you give those looking to get into entertainment and media?

I would say:

  • Figure out who you are and what’s your why: sit down, write in a journal, and do some self-work to figure out who you are and what works for you.
  • Know haters are going to hate.
  • Know your worth and take the criticism with a grain of salt and use it accordingly.
  • Carve your lane and create your waive: be the innovator and add your sauce to the industry.
  • Use what you have around you to create your content and opportunities.
  • Be you!
  • Dream, pray, & execute!
  • Be consistent.

What would you like our views to gain from this interview?

I want your viewers to be encouraged, empowered, and know that anything is possible with the right resources, network, and timing. I want folks to know it’s all about being ahead of the game, having the right resources and connections to get in the door and elevate. Overall, know that it is going to do its thing.

How can people connect with you?
Stay connected with me on social media.

TikTok/Instagram/Twitter: @_kami_simmons

YouTube: Kami Simmons TV

Facebook: @kamisimmonstv

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Photo Credits: Kami Simmons