As things start to spice up on OWN’s new hit relationship series Love Goals this week hip hop Legend Coolio and his longtime girlfriend join the cast in hopes to get some relationship advice from therapist, Spirit. 

Of course with any relationship it is so important to know how to communicate with one another especially during rough times, yet what we discover in this clip is that Coolio was going through something really difficult and didn’t know how to properly relay that over to his wife.

In our relationships we have to make sure that we are presenting ourselves to be open and understanding so that our spouses feel comfortable talking to us about deep issues that can later, if not resolved, cause a life altering decision. We also have to be willing to give our spouses the chance to at least be there for us and not shut them out by assuming they are not able or willing to wither the storms with us when they come into our lives. 

Check out the clip below of and share in the comments your thoughts!

“Coolio’s Stubborn Ways Are Taking A Toll On Mimi” 

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Featured Image Courtesy of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network