Hip-hop legend, Madsol Desar has launched a new podcast called The Better Days Show Podcast.   Inspired by the 45 rpm records that his father used to buy him, Madsol Desar is an authentic soul and music purist who strives to keep the culture alive.  After a long career as a DJ and producer, Madsol Desar started The Better Days Show as an underground hip hop radio show to help showcase eclectic music and local, upcoming artists. Now, it’s a podcast with the same mission and vibe. Because of the vast digital landscape and Madsol Desar’s tech background, he plans to use every platform to help promote and uplift his guests’ stories.  The podcast focuses on art and culture as well as sports, lifestyle, tech, and the world movement.  He wants to encourage others to do what they feel and focus on what they love to do – The Better Days Show Podcast exemplifies this sentiment.  The past guests include Ed OG and Da Bulldogs, Krumb Snatcha, God Complex aka 7L and Esoteric, and Knightz Of Muzik Team, just to name a few.

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Featured Image courtesy of  The Better Days Show