“Mama’s Song” – a top download favorite and ‘Must-See’ on Amazon.

Hollywood filmmaker David Wendell Boykins is a great storyteller.

He is making quite a name for himself as a producer and director in ‘tinsel town.”

Known for creating powerful works of art and projects that connect with ‘movie-lovers,’ Boykins latest film, “Mama’s Song,” is receiving rave reviews as a top download favorite streaming on Amazon.

Originally from Alexandria, Louisiana, and currently in Dallas, Texas, Boykins has been working in Los Angeles for the past 20 years.

He talks about his latest project, “Mama’s Song,” forgiveness and the creative process of producing good quality content with us.


Tell us about your latest film, “Mama’s Song?

The film is about a son who has to pick up the pieces after a family crisis.

What is the message you want people to take away from the film?

Forgiveness. Sometimes good people do bad things for whatever reason. There is always a story and reason why someone is in a particular situation. A person’s heart can be good, but they are lost and hurting. I think we have to understand that we are all human. Anyone that is on the street, homeless, or dealing with substance abuse is someone’s child. We tend to dehumanize people. I hope when people watch “Mama’s Song” that they can see humanity.

What is your creative process for producing quality content?

There are several stages to my creative process including, ‘Preparation,’ ‘Incubation,’ ‘ Insight,’ ‘Evaluation,’ and ‘Elaboration.’ Ultimately, you have to do the work and find ways to execute each of these stages to produce a good story that connects with people.

His film career spans nearly 20 years with producing and directing short films such as, Her Little Sundress; a suspense thriller about a female Assistant DA who puts her life on the line to stop the deranged serial killer who killed her daughter. This film was followed by Guns (Drama), Vengeance (Action, Comedy), and Damn Baby (Comedy). Soon David decided to enroll at the Los Angeles Film School where he studied directing, cinematography and producing. His thesis project, Prime of Life (Drama) has been featured at the Roxbury Film Festival in Boston MA, the 1st Annual Fresh Cut Review and the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center 15th Annual Film Festival.

Prime of Life has also aired on the BET and Aspire networks. And the script made it to the semi-finals of The Urban Insider’s Short Screenplay Competition in 2003.

David Wendell Boykins is the founder of DaveHouse Productions, Corp. He has co-produced and directed a number of projects, including Our Girl Kenny (One Episode of web series – Co-producer and Director), Last Shuttle to the Moon (short film – Director), Roommates (Two episodes of web series – Director), Adventures of Noah Sife (Comedy – Director), The Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation’s Donation PSA (Director), and The Real TV with Tara L. Paige (Web Talk Show – Director).

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