Tationna Bosier is well known for her role on BET’s hit reality show College Hill. The actress is fearless when it comes to leaving her imprint on the world. Voted one of the Hottest Hondourian woman by Complex, Bosier takes pride in her integrity,family,accomplishments , and fans.

The NYC native is one of leads of TV One’s thriller feature film “ Stalker”. The movie follows the story of A well-known Hollywood actress. When the actress begins to be tormented by a stalker Her sister and high school boyfriend try to figure out who it is.

Bosier takes pride in her integrity and authenticity, always making sure to capture the full essence of stories that need to be told. After being casted through a rigorous audition process she only had 4 days to prepare before she began shooting. “I was preparing character and vocal work. Since time was limited it became more about the cast forming a chemistry and a bond. When we went into scenes it felt like we all knew each other for years. COVID-19 Restrictions changed every day so we shot the movie in 14 days,” Bosier said.

Growing up as an Afro-Latina Bosier often suffered from identity issues due to rarely seeing women who look like her represented in the media. However with the help of a loving family she was able to develop a great sense of confidence and identity. Her grandfather Rock n Roll hall of famer Jimmy Merchant of the legendary group “Frankie Lemon and The Teenagers’ ‘ and mother are the true definition of what a legacy looks like. “My grandfather taught me how to keep the business side of everything in check. My mom is one of my superheroes. She’s a boss and she taught me to be vocal and stand up for myself, especially as a black woman.

Following in her grandfather’s footsteps Bosier will be releasing her EP in June 2022. “ I’m very proud of the project and hope people enjoy it..I put integrity and the art first so if it moves anyone in any way then that’s a blessing itself. I encourage my fans to stay in the race.remember it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon. If you’re passionate, in it for the right reasons, and constantly working on yourself your time will come.”Bosier said.