So often, the ‘crabs in a barrel effect’ takes over organizations. The stigma in entrepreneurial communities says that not only can there be only one person with influence, but only one can truly experience success. But President of the Southern Crescent Women In Business Ariel Shaw, MBA says there IS room. 

December 7th, 2022, the organization held its Annual Chairwoman’s Awards & Luncheon at the beautiful Crystal Lake Golf & Country Club. Women from the depths of the organization, honorees, and guests gathered over an elite setting to be in the presence of female excellence. Award winning journalist Summer Jackson was the host and moderated through the guest speakers with a beautiful ease.  Honorees gave testimonials about Shaw and Southern Crescent being a staple in the community, and presenting them with a platform that might not have been accessible otherwise. 

The keynote speaker Pastor Jamal Bryant did not cease to amaze, with a wonderful message about being the best version of yourself. Pastor Bryant’s message showcased the value of being completely dissatisfied with what life gives us voluntarily, and accepting the power of taking control of one’s own destiny. When I spoke with Pastor Jamal Bryant, I asked what he wanted Sheen readers to understand about starting businesses. “Black women are already the lead; new, post-pandemic entrepreneurs. Everyone else is just following suit. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Just before an iconic cover reveal, Sheen had the luxury of speaking firsthand with the President of the organization herself Ariel Shaw, MBA. Although Shaw believes that success is relative, its apparent that what she’s been able to create is success in organized form. 

“If you keep looking from inside, outside,’ who’s going to be your chair leader’, you may not find one. Sometimes, you must be your own chair leader. You have to make sure whatever is inside of you, that you pull it out.” -Ariel Shaw, MBA-

Photo Credits: Brunson Photography