Who is behind Nouvo Body the brand?  
NOUVO BODY was founded by Haitian-American Simeta Pierre and her family members.
The Caribbean family consists of her mother, brothers, sisters, and cousins located in Maryland and Florida.
How did Nouvo Body come to fruition? 
After several failed prescriptions to heal my acne and eczema issues, I decided to try some of the recipes I heard my mother discussing with my grandmother when she had Lupus and her skin was shedding and discolored. The natural family recipes were used to heal my mother’s skin and gave her confidence while battling lupus. After seeing the results my mother received, I decided to take heed of the recipes and try them for myself. In a short period of time, my skin was restored and others around me took notice and wanted to know my secret. I started making small batches for my coworkers and friends to the best of my ability. Once they started telling their friends and seeing results, I knew I had products that can help many.
What are the must-have products from Nouvo Body for a black girl?
 We’ve catered all of our natural products for black women. If there are blemishes that you would like to naturally remove, our KoJic & Turmeric Even skin tone – Extra strength Brighten kit can handle it. If you would like to strengthen your skin and give it the elasticity it needs to prevent wrinkles and look smooth and healthy, our powerhouse Sea Moss +  Vitamin E  Face & Body Wash can handle the job. We offer so many other products that are a must-have for your daily skincare routine; from our popular Glow scrub to our viral Turmeric + Vitamin C bar soap. Your skin will love them all!
What is Nouvo Body?
 Nouvo means new. Meaning the old has gone, and the new has come. That is referring to the old ways of thinking that something is wrong with us because we have blemishes. We want to embrace our skin and treat skin issues naturally and love our skin no matter what.
How does Nouvo Body differentiate when it comes to all the other skin care products? What sets you all apart? 
We are truly invested in healthy glowing skin. To make sure we provide great products, we dedicate our time to studying the plants we use and learning how the soil is our natural ingredient. We take the time to partner with local farms that we can visit; We import ingredients directly from our farms in Haiti that are being kept by our family. Furthermore, we lab test our handcrafted batches to make sure we deliver on what we are selling. Our passion and dedication to creating great handcrafted products while edifying others to love our skin no matter what, is what sets us apart.
Photo Credits: Nouvo Body