With Over 18 years of experience in live music and performance, International Recording Artist and East Chicago, IN native, Alli Starr has managed to keep storytelling alive with the highly anticipated release of her new EP “Situationship”.

Alli Starr, shares her story about her own infidelity in her marriage, giving fans a glimpse of her real-life experiences through her music. Instead of going into the family business of Mortuary science, Alli Starr followed her dreams as a singer. Growing up in the church, she began singing in the choir at the tender age of 4, which is where Alli developed her singing abilities and also her name “Starr”.

In church, Alli would always hear people tell her “You’re a star!” and started to associate her name with who she was truly meant to be, A Starr! Having an experienced professional career singing backup for names such as Brandy, Johnny Gill, and Khaka Chan, Alli is now ready to be in the forefront.

Being the mother of twins with one dealing with Autism is her thriving force to keep her moving. Even her journey battling heart disease and still managing to strive to see another year with a heart pacemaker implanted in her heart. She never allowed that to stop her from pursuing her career as an artist with the natural ability to perform and put on a show for her “Alli Katz,” fans. She is bringing back real RnB music with real storylines and her live music.

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