Alysha Bush is built different than most entrepreneurs. From a young age Alysha has made a name for herself in sports. She has broken several records during her swimming career and was even coached by Michael Phelps himself. Right after college, she felt as though she wasn’t living to her fullest potential and decided to jump right into the world of entrepreneurs. Although Alysha had significant setbacks in life, she was able to stay positive and most importantly kind.

Kindness is difficult to come across in a world where unfortunately money comes first. Alysha learned this very early on loosing here business twice to those who she believed to be her friends and partners as stated by Alysha herself.

I had to learn that some people will do anything to get money and they will backstab and use you if you aren’t careful. When I was about 8 months into my journey, I had my entire life savings scammed (40k at the time) and I was also backstabbed by 4 “trusted business partners” – Alysha

Although she was in a difficult situation to say the least, Alysha kept getting back up and moving forward. She dedicated more time into her passion for the financial markets and just a year and a half later, she had been traveling the world sharing her knowledge with anyone who wanted a change. Alysha is now an executive in one of the largest trading education platforms in the world and has around 2,000 students learning about the foreign exchange markets. Alysha herself has become a very profitable trader but decided that teaching others was more rewarding.

The most rewarding thing about my career is when people’s lives and family’s lives are changed. There have been several times where people I have personally mentored came to me crying and told me I’ve changed their life and family’s life forever.” – Alysha

This has kind of positivity made Alysha into a very caring person and someone who puts people before business. One of her favorite quotes became “Use money and love people, don’t use people and love money” – Alysha. This kind of perspective is very refreshing as most business worry more about making money than providing a good service to their clients.

Alysha is rapidly becoming a very influential entrepreneur and if more business owners start following in her footsteps, she may change how many think of business. Her company is formed around the idea that we are stronger together and that it is much easier to succeed together rather than alone. “My coaches taught me that success is 90% mental and that I needed to train my mind to be unstoppable. My coaches also taught me discipline- to always show up to practice regardless of how I felt emotionally.” – Alysha

If you would like to grow alongside Alysha and experience both the world of business and trading in a whole new light, you can follow along her journey on Instagram.

Name: Alysha Lee Bush

Business/Organization Name: Alysha Bush, INC


Address: Los Angeles, CA, United States





Featured Image courtesy of Alysha Bush