After feeling like he had no purpose, multi-talented musician Wes Watkins became inspired to pen his second acclaimed novel.  “I thought I didn’t have purpose because I had no identity of who I was or who I was created to be,” recalls Wes.  “Not having an identity made me lack vision on how to operate in my purpose and see what my purpose was,” he continues.  He’s the lead musician and musical director of the R & B group, Got My Own Sound. Their musical blend is soul stirring and a DMV favorite.  Despite having stardome he still faced personal challenges. His second book titled:  Motivation + Drive = Purpose portrays his journey to living his best life.  

This motivational piece is 108 pages of inspiration.  Wes is setting the stage for his readers to gain an identity as they envision their purpose. “The intended message behind Motivation+Drive=Purpose is to do whatever it takes to get to your Purpose. Your purpose has value, often people don’t see the value in their purpose because they lack the Motivation and Drive to get to their purpose,” states Watkins.  His new book is set to help in providing clarity to those who seek personal identity.  In the wave of the current Black Lives Matter movement, his new book illustrates that without personal identity you can’t have vision for your intended purpose.  

Wes outlines 5 ways in which a person can begin to define their individual purpose:

1.Finding your identity;

2.Knowing/Having vision for your purpose;

3.Understand the need for your purpose;

4.Have Faith in your purpose; and also

5.Never allow anything or anyone to stop you from operating in your purpose.

The author wants his readers to know that they lack nothing and that they have a purpose already instilled from within.  The paperback copies are set to release on July 3, 2020 on Amazon; Barnes and Noble; and also at Lift Bridge Publishing.  The author’s proven drive and success makes him the go-to guru on living in your purpose.  His known talent does not just lie within his music.  Motivation + Drive = Purpose will serve as a definite guide for millennials everywhere.  To connect with the author please follow him on Facebook & Instagram.


Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.


Al images by Maurice Taylor