With the introduction of many new compounds, the post-Farm Bill era was a huge success for the cannabis industry. The introduction of cannabinoids such as delta 8, delta 10 and THCO turned the industry upside down, providing consumers with a wide range of legal highs. These products have allowed Americans to expand their minds and reach the skies. Until now, however, very few people have taught others how to fly. THCP, the first cannabinoid to allow users to skip flight and launch straight towards the outer rings of our galaxy. 

A few years ago, Americans were debating the benefits of legalizing marijuana. Most believed that the federal government was too weak to do so. Today, however, compounds such as THCP, the strongest form of THC, are available everywhere. What is the strength? Continue reading to learn more.

What is THCP?

In response to the question “what is THCP in wholesale,” the only possible answer is “the strongest, most powerful cannabinoid on Earth.” Tetrahydrocannabiphorol is an analog of THC that researchers believe is 33 times stronger than cannabis. Delta 9 is twice as potent as delta 8. The potency of HHC is three to four times greater than that of delta 8. They are blown away by THCP. THCP is a crucial compound that you need to understand if you don’t know what it does. Some THCP effects include euphoria, relaxation, and creativity (but there are more, of course). THCP is very powerful compared to other cannabinoids.

How was THCP discovered?

A group of Italian researchers discovered THCP by chance in 2019. The team quickly published their findings after analyzing cannabis samples closely. The team discovered that THCP functions in the same way as THCP when combined with the endocannabinoid systems. The compound binds to CB1 receptors 33 times faster than THC.

It was an amazing discovery! Imagine being part of the team that discovered supercannabis! THCP is known to have a longer alkyl sidechain than THC. Traditional delta-9 THC has only five carbon atoms. This is why the difference is so important. It helps THCP to be more friendly with the ECS. This means that it takes less cannabinoid (as compared with THC) to produce the desired effects.

Is THCP a good way to get high?

Yes, THCP can get you very high. Researchers are still not sure how THCP works because it’s relatively new (it has only been a few decades). In other words, THCP is known to get you high. The system doesn’t work that way. It is well-known that THCP can get you very high. This cannabinoid has a potency that is 30 times greater than delta 9.

More benefits of THCP

Although everyone is focused on the buzz from THCP, there are other benefits to this cannabinoid. Although its wellness effects aren’t as profound as delta 9 THC’s, they still deserve to be mentioned. Researchers from Italy discovered that cannabinoids have many benefits for the body.

The following are some ways that THCP might be beneficial for adults, according to researchers:

  • Hypomobility is the act of stretching short, tight ligaments.
  • Mild to severe pain relief
  • Assistance with sleeping, especially for those in pain
  • May reduce body temperature, particularly in the rectum.

Would You Like to Become a THCP User?

Researchers believe that many cannabis users may have tried THCP before they knew it. It is true that this cannabinoid wasn’t “created” in 2019, but was discovered in 2019. THCP has been around for a while.

It has also led to a theory: Have you ever wondered what happened when you were very high? What if you took in a lot of cannabis products and ended up getting more than you expected? Perhaps there was also some THCP. Researchers continue to learn more about this compound, and the time and place it occurs.

Is THCP Legal?

Now, you are asking the important questions. The Farm Bill, also known colloquially as the 2018 United States Congress was passed. It’s a common piece of legislation but it was quite exciting in 2018. Hemp was legalized for the first time since George and Martha Washington’s days. Additionally, Congress legalized hemp derivatives with 0.3% THC.


The country was transformed overnight, and that is not a gross exaggeration. CBD was legalized and joined by delta 8, hemp-derived Delta 9 (under 0.3%) and HHC, THCO and THCV, and many others. Federal legalization was also made for THCP. Some argue that these compounds are in a legal grey area. However, they can be found on the open marketplace without any interference from the federal government.

Some states have started to ban these compounds or placed restrictions on them. THCP has not been mentioned in any state law or bill.

Is THCP safe?

THCP is still relatively new in the cannabis market. The research is still in its early stages so we don’t have much information about side effects and safety. It is a cannabinoid that has been extracted from hemp. No one has been hurt or killed by it.

THCP is cannabis steroids. This compound is an extremely potent version of THC. Research studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that side effects of THCP are very similar to THC, but more severe. Side effects of THCP include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Exhaustion
  • Loss of energy
  • Red eyes
  • Cotton Mouth
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Memory loss in the short-term
  • Confusion

THC vs. THCP: How Strong is THCP in Comparison to Cannabis?

THC and THCP can be thought of as very similar cannabinoids. The psychotropic effects of both compounds are almost identical. The only difference between the compounds is their potency. It is a significant difference. To put it another manner, THCP can be used almost as well as cannabis but the effects are much stronger.

THCP vs. Delta 10, How does THCP compare to Delta 10

THCP’s delta 10 compound is the most notable. When users want to achieve more in their lives, they prefer delta 10, a cannabinoid that is similar to THCP. They are looking to finish big projects at work or study. Delta-10 THC products can give you energy, focus, and even a little bit of creativity. Although there is some buzz, it is very mild. THCP, which is super cannabis, is, of course. Because they serve two completely different purposes, it would be rare to have one replace the other. Imagine you are at work and have to finish a presentation only to realize that you are crazed on THCP.

THCP vs. HHC: How does THCP compare to HHC?

It is a small, potent compound that does the job quietly and without requiring too much attention. HHC can do the job, even though THC and delta 8 are constantly in the spotlight. It is three to four times stronger than delta 8, and a fraction less potent than delta 9 THC. HHC would be the middle of a hierarchy of cannabinoids.

As iDELTA8 have repeatedly stated, THCP outranks all other compounds, even HHC. Both compounds are very comparable. The choice between the two compounds is based on how strong a buzz you want to experience.