Fashion is an enormous market that has been around for decades. Currently, the global apparel market generates revenue of over $1.5 trillion, and it’s projected to reach $1.7 trillion by the end of this year. The estimated annual growth rate of this industry is 5.8%, which makes it a promising field for career and business. But even if you are not planning to join the fashion field after graduation, this industry is already affecting your life a lot while you are in college. In the context of your assignment writing help, it is important to consider the impact of fashion as a subject for research and analysis.

Fashion has always had a significant effect on young people’s lives. It poses both positive and negative effects, and in this article, an essay writer from a top paper writing service for undergraduate students will tell you about how to hire essay writers the main ways in which fashion is influencing your student life.

Positive Effects of the Fashion Industry on Students

Some students always keep up with new fashion trends, use the write my research paper help to delegate their assignments and get more time for shopping, and love dressing up for any occasion. Other young people don’t care for fashion so much. They may not know about the current trends or may not spend much on their clothes. Still, both of these types of students are affected by fashion in certain ways. And here are the main positive effects:

  • A sense of identity and self-expression. There is no secret that people often tend to use their appearance as a tool to discover their true selves. Indeed, trying different fashion flows enables you to gain a sense of identity. And this process is especially crucial in the teen and early adult years. The process of discovering the right trends for yourself takes a while. However, after it’s completed, you can use your newly-acquired style to self-express your identity to others.
  • A better connection with same-minded peers. After you discover your own style, you can leverage it to connect with your peers and gain a sense of belonging. For example, if you feel the most confident dressing in a “hip-hop” fashion, you can easily identify peers with similar personalities by the way they look. This way, just by the way you dress up, you can fall into a particular group of people and get easily accepted by them.
  • A sense of free thinking. Despite different shared trends, every style is unique. No matter how much importance you give to your appearance, we bet that you always add something special to your looks. Following your own fashion statement like this can make you a more independent thinker and bring you a sense of uniqueness and Freethought. In fact, traits like independence and freedom of thought will come in handy in many different areas of your life. For example, in essay writing for college or in solving tasks at the workplace. Being able to think freely without looking back at others’ beliefs is an important skill.
  • A boost in creativity. Students who are genuinely interested in fashion can enjoy one more benefit. Experimenting with different styles, models, combinations, and accessories is a fun and effective way to develop your creativity and imagination.
  • A sense of confidence. Finally, the last positive effect is the fact that sticking to your own fashion can help you feel more confident. Whatever you choose to wear, if it fits into your style, you will feel like you are looking best. This will make you feel empowered and confident, which will positively influence all spheres of your life.

Negative Effects of the Fashion Industry on Students

So you already know about the key positive effects of fashion on young students. Learning about all these benefits can make you want to delve deeper into the fashion industry right now. However, don’t rush to give up on essay writing and other homework to go shopping for your unique style. Before you start focusing on fashion more, you also need to know about the adverse effects it can have:

  • Negative body image. This is probably the biggest downside of fashion. If you get too focused on fashion and current trends, it can be easy to develop a negative body image and lose your confidence. The thing is that this industry always emphasizes certain body types, which can lead to a negative perception of one’s body if it doesn’t “fit” into the expected standards.
  • Peer pressure. Since fashion can help you fit into society, it can also make you feel pressured to mimic certain fashion trends to gain a sense of belonging. Needless to say, such pressure can be detrimental.
  • Financial burden. Fashion trends aren’t always cheap, and this is one more negative consequence. Students often live on tight budgets. They have no time for a full-time job and, at the same time, have to cover many expenses, including tuition, accommodation, the best essay editing services, etc. Thus, adhering to fashion can pose a serious financial burden for them.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the fashion industry has a considerable impact on the lives of all students. Moreover, it has both positive and negative effects on your life. Thus, finding the right balance is the key to making the most out of your style without the negative influence