I remember when it started getting these large pimples, I decided to change my facial solution, which caused more damage than good—leaving me with scares and skin tone disfigurement and pain. I come to realize this was more than just my menstrual breakout. Since I recently moved to another country, I had to rely on home remedies that helped with the pain but not with the appearance.

It feels as though you want to remove your whole face and get a new one due to the feeling of painful cystic pimples there’s no quick relief unless you have aloe vera, water, and an enormous amount of numbing addition of polysporin. Which, in later usage, can also log pores and make the situation worse. After all that pain and agony with dealing with cystic acne, I’m always left with scar tissue and recurrence.

With Dealing Cystic Acne, unlike any other acne, such as blackheads, whiteheads with unforced cystic acne aren’t treatable with ordinary screams and serum ether medicated or not. Due to the fact cystic acne is rooted deep in your skin tissue.

When you have a flare-up, be prepared for the adventure and have much patience, however, for someone like me who has dealt with the skin condition for four years. I’ve become informal, but from the perspective of the at-home treatments —and, yes, I’ve seen almost all the medicated options, but due to my pre-condition, I can’t just try everything.

Whether you just woke up with a cystic swelling and you’re freaking out, or you’re just trying to anticipate new entireties from forming.

This what I found out what causes cystic acne first thing first everyone skin is different. We all have various hormonal fluctuations, oil productions, and acne that have and will cause bacteria in their skin that can cause uncomfortable breakouts at any time.

Here are some tips on what can calm down the unforgettable adventure of cystic acne.

  1. It’s not a regular pimple. Please don’t touch it.

While having a cystic acne breakout, you will notice how juicy and you may want to squeeze the cyst. Unfortunately, this will only cause more issues with scaring and more prominent flare-up. Could you do yourself a favor and leave it?

  1. Ice is your friend.

Using ice either in your hand or in a zip-lock bag can help with cystic acne, especially with the selling and puffiness. Use it for at least 1- 2 minutes, especially regarding the swelling and the pain.

  1. Try to consider spot treatment.

I would use such a treatment like Polysporin extra strength, which would numb the spot. But do go crazy with such ointments due to your pores and the problem of them getting plugged.

  1. Your Hormone Schedule

Think about and keep track when this happens for me. It tends to happen when I eat something different or substantial hence, I have officially stopped drinking milk due to the repeat of my cystic acne appearance. Keep in track when you get your menstrual, which can also be a factor and cause more damage.

Regardless, on dealing with cystic acne for me, it had been four years, and I have to admit, it has shrunk my confidence that I had left, especially with my appearance it has made me cautious on my looks due to my anxiety it just makes even worse. I’m still learning about having cystic acne. It does become frustrating and worrisome.

From all the articles that I could get my hands on, the most critical factor is that those who suffer from cystic acne have options, which is all about research.

I’m currently dealing with cystic acne, and I’m still going through the steps. Did I mention the heat in my living location doesn’t help regardless?

Well, friends, it will always be a learning experience, right?