Rapone Anderson, designer and founder of The Mouve Bag is on the move. 

Rapone used his personal story to build a brand. When asked about the inspiration behind his company, he shares – his father was a great inspiration to him when he decided to be a designer and entrepreneur.

“My father was a man who had a great sense of fashion and style. He carried himself in such a way that when he entered into a room, eyes were immediately drawn to him. He had this infectious swag about him. From an early age, it was instilled in me to be a big thinker. My father’s style – his way of dressing and how he carried himself influenced me tremendously, and he always encouraged me to reach for the stars.”

Sheen: Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?

Rapone: Yes, I did. I’ve always loved designing and being active. Out of this was birthed “The Mouve Bag.”

Sheen: Walk us through the “The Mouve Bag’ creative process?

Rapone: Well…I wanted to make a bag that could be worn in different ways, that was durable and fashionable. Our bags are made of ballistic nylon, genuine leather, antique brass and are long-lasting. There have been so many bags that you convert from one functionality to another, but you need to unhook them which can be very cumbersome. I wanted to be able to jump off my bike and go from a backpack to messenger bag with just one pull of the strap. The assortment of colors for the straps: orange, blue and black are a big hit with our customers.

Sheen: Can you talk about its functionality?

Rapone: Absolutely. “The Mouve Bag” has several compartments. I use the bag in many ways. When I go to work, I like to carry it as a briefcase and carry my tablet, lunch and wallet in it. When I leave work, I use it for my active lifestyle. I also like to wear it as a backpack when I jump on my bike and head to the coffee shop or to the gym. And, I love to slap it in to messenger mode on my weekend trips. Our customers comment a lot about the bag being really functional and at the same time fashionable.

The Mouve Bag is creating quite a bit of buzz with its users, especially with the various modes that the bag can be used. As a proponent of individual and fulfilling your dreams, when Rapone created ‘The Mouve Bag,” he wanted to develop and design a product that just wasn’t for others to enjoy, but he wanted to make sure that he first enjoyed  the product and it was functional and fashion forward. After making “The Mouve Bag” available to the masses, his company has been flourishing ever since with happy customers everywhere.

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to develop something that was unique and allow me to express my individuality. Designing the “Mouve Bag” has not only pulled that entrepreneurial spirit out of me, but it has inspired me to think and dream big,” says Rapone.

He is inspiring thousands to dream big and reach for the stars. “I created my company, not only to fulfill my own passion but to inspire others who are just like me…. who go to work every day and may have dreams that they have never pursued.  I want to let everyone know they can do it too. Never let your dreams die. You can fulfill those dreams and visions,” added Rapone.

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