Maria Jordan, aka MJ, is the host and creator of Afternoon Tea Radio and Podcast, broadcasting live on Atlanta’s REAL 1100am and streaming on all major podcast platforms. Her cohost is Karras Jordan, and their show runs the gamut from inspirational stories of extraordinary people who redefine stereotypes to interviews with celebrities. Her radio experience has granted her the opportunity to host and speak nationwide, partnering with The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Red Table Talk live with Jada Pinkett-Smith, The African American Festival and many more. Maria is also the CEO of ATR Media, LLC, a private club for media/entertainment enthusiasts and Author of the children’s book, ‘The Secret Keeper, Perfect the Way You Are.’

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What inspired you to launch ATR Media?

As a Black Women Entrepreneur in Atlanta there are community driven members-only clubs, although I needed a network that not only gave me community, but also a tangible network and resources to grow my business and brand. ATR Media Room is a private club for media and entertainment enthusiasts designed to foster collaboration and funnel tangible resources. I was inspired to create a platform that provided all the resources needed to create, grow, and sustain our members’ visions.  

Share a few of your show highlights or special guests you’ve interviewed so far:

I’ve had the opportunity to interview over 100 dynamic people in my career, from actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, singer Jidenna, and actor Dondre T. Whitfield, to entrepreneur Chris Classic, influencer Pretty Vee, and Grammy nominated poet, Papi Picasso. We’ve covered topics like “Men & Monogamy” and “The Angry Black Women”, sparking dialogue about the stereotypes that are affecting our community. I’ve heard stories of tragedy to triumph that changed my life from Entrepreneur Nikki Payne, to life lessons from Kel Mitchell from Kenan & Kel. 

In addition to being a Radio Host, you are a Speaker! What are the top messages you share with audiences? 

One thing that I share with my audiences when hosting or speaking is that it can be difficult to find your voice in a world that tells you to speak, look, and act a certain way for the comfort of others. My advice is to take away the burden of others’ comfort and focus on your own. You define who you are and how you were made is perfect for the people you are meant to reach. I also tell my audience that anything you can envision you can obtain. It is not a coincidence when God shows you who you are. Lastly I also reiterate to my audience that kindness will get you far in life. Be kind to people not because you have to, but because you want to. 

Tell us about your Children’s Book “The Secret Keeper.”

The Secret Keeper: Perfect the Way You Are’, is my first children’s book inspired by my daughter, Juliana Leonard. The purpose of the book is to spark dialogue between parents and children about an uncomfortable, but important, topic. The book is about a black girl who is bullied on her way to school. She confides in The Secret Keeper superhero and is given advice. She goes back to school with confidence and has the courage to stand up for herself. When you hear the horror stories of people taking advantage of children, I wanted to create a way for my daughter to feel comfortable communicating with me. I told my daughter I was The Secret Keeper, and she can tell me all her secrets. This concept inspired my book.

photo by Mr. Jeno 

What is next for you in 2022 and how can readers connect with you online? 

There are a lot of surprises in the pipeline for 2022. Afternoon Tea Radio and Podcast will continue to grow worldwide, interviewing influential people who are changing the world, but will also provide an in-person experience for listeners to get to know the hosts and our guest up close and personal. ATR Media, LLC is expanding the private club for media and entertainment professionals and providing additional resources to members with a location in Atlanta. I will also be releasing my second children’s book, continuing with the purpose of sparking conversation between children and their parents about uncomfortable topics. 

You can follow me @IamMariaJordan on all platforms and visit my website for booking or just to say hello. As well as, my businesses @AfternoonTeaRadioAtlanta,,and 




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