Howard University Graduate Natalie Cargile is a producer, television director, on-air host and Creator of The CONNECT Network TV®.  For the last three years she’s partnered with major TV networks like FOX, ABC & The CW Networks to broadcast the self-syndicated talk show – “The CONNECT Show”.

Each week she uses her platform to promote women in business & female entrepreneurs to amplify their voices, while promoting and marketing their products and services to millions of viewers each week on Network TV.

Tell us about The Connect Network TV:

The CONNECT Network TV® creates women based content that broadcasts on The CW Network in Austin, Texas, Miami, Florida, and the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  Our goal is to create an inclusive space where women of all backgrounds can be seen, heard, and known for their accomplishments and successes.  We also are purposeful about inspiring viewers at home to walk in their purpose and create an entrepreneurial opportunity of their own.

What inspired you to create this platform?

After working for an ABC affiliate for several years as Morning New Anchor in Texas, I eventually decided entrepreneurship was my greater calling.  I initially launched The CONNECT Network® as a membership-based business for women in business & female entrepreneurs.  The idea was to Mastermind with high-hanging fruit and create a space that could inspire, influence and network.  Quickly, I recognized that each member had a unique story that led them to their success.  So, weekly, I began interviewing a business owner and promoting them online.  Less than one year later my former co-worker from that ABC affiliate I once worked with recommended I pitch the show to the Network – and before I knew it this online show was picked up on a National Television network.  During COVID I decided to syndicate the show and now we have a spin off of The CONNECT Show in Austin, Texas, Miami, Florida and The Twin Cities.

Share a bit about Media Mogul University and how it will impact women entrepreneurs:

After three years of interviewing so many different female entrepreneurs on The CONNECT Show – I realized that many women are literally pitching to any and every network possible to promote their brand and services.  But, despite begging for a seat at their tables, most of them are not getting the promotion & recognition they deserve.  Because many entrepreneurs are unknown or without a mega social media following, much of their excellence and expertise is overlooked.  I recognized that if 1000’s of people are signing up to gain media exposure through my television platform, a strong percentage of these clients have what it takes to have a talk show of their own.  That is why I’m now showing other experts how to create their own television talk show and broadcast on the Network of their choice.

With my new course – Media Mogul University – I am teaching entrepreneurs, experts, influencers, and podcasters how to grow an additional revenue stream (and their influence) with  their own talk show.

What is next for you and your brand in 2022?

The CONNECT Network TV® is excited to continue to highlight & promote women through media and we are thrilled to show experts how they can use a top television network to boost their validity, legitimacy, grow their platforms, and work with dream clients all across the world by owning their own programming on National Television. Also, the doors to our Business Advisory Program – The CONNECT Clique Plus – is opening soon.  This 6-Month VIP program was created for seasoned  entrepreneurs who want to exponentially increase their income & maintain a sustainable lifestyle.  Join the waitlist today at

How can readers connect online and tune-in to upcoming episodes?

If you are interested in catching past episodes or even bringing your brand to television – register to be a guest on the show by going to and clicking BE ON TV.  And if you are ready to learn how to create your own talk show for TV check out our Free Masterclass at

Photography Credit: Amber Edwards Photography