Skincare is a million-dollar business with countless products crowding the market and packaging the promise of perfect skin. Anyone hoping to protect and take care of their skin can become overwhelmed with the amount of choice on offer. This is the industry that Sabrina Bradley, a licensed esthetician and holistic facialist, enteredwith the hope of revolutionizing, through her brand SKINbySabrina.

SKINbySabrina takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to skincare, offering both skincare treatments in the Beverly Hills Skin Studio and custom-made skincare products from the SKINbySabrina website. Founded in the year 2000 by Bradley, SKINbySabrina is monopolizing an overlooked area of the skincare industry – the holistic approach. The holistic approach to skincare concentrates on a person as a whole, to fully understand their skin and provide them with the care needed to keep it healthy. SKINbySabrina was founded on this idea and continues to champion it. The brand had humble beginnings; Bradley self-marketed her brand on Craiglist and through the distribution of flyers. By 2009, SKINbySabrina was Los Angeles-based and had built up a devoted client list, and today it is considered to be a leading name in the skincare industry. Of the progression of the SKINbySabrina brand from a labor of love to an industry leader, Bradley says, “SKINbySabrina was built on my passion of providing people with the knowledge and care needed to help them love the skin they live in. Even though the brand now exists on a much bigger scale, that ethos remains the same.”

Sabrina Bradley was inspired to enter the world of beauty and skincare by her interest in the physiology of skin and its impact on the overall health of a person. This interest led to her becoming a licensed esthetician and a holistic facialist. Bradley trained at the Phagans Beauty School in Portland, Oregon, and then completed her studies at the Marinello Beauty School in Los Angeles, California. In the same year that she launched SKINbySabrina, Bradley traveled to Japan to learn more about the ancient holistic practices and techniques that originated there. SKINbySabrina became the accumulation of all of Bradley’s training and personal studies, and the brand started to incorporate the importance of a person’s mind, body, and spirit into skincare. Bradley believes that many current skincare products neglect the deeper aspects of the skincare process. She elaborates on this saying, “A person’s skin is affected by every aspect of their lives, SKINbySabrina acknowledges this and aims to offer an all-inclusive skincare solution.”

The business of beauty and skincare is likely to continue booming, with more and more products appearing on the market. Thankfully, there will always be havens of support in the skincare industry that offer more than just beauty products.

Featured Image provided by Sabrina Bradley