In an era of showing up as your true self, Thread beauty has formulated make-up that intertwines humans of color, race, and pronouns targeting itself as the “not your average” beauty brand who’s connecting all standards- hence the thread metaphor. Earlier this year, they launched three formulas: face it, blend it, and color it – meant to be multi-purpose for the face. The creamy, pigmented swatches can be used for everyday makeup wear to colorful, glitz and glam.

“I must say the complexion stick is better than I thought! The coverage is medium coverage and It glides on silky smooth. It covered up my dark circles and imperfections.” comments Jaz Up My Style on

Not only have customers been raving with reviews since their launch, but they’re loving the fact that Thread has created vegan AND cruelty-free formulas. Meaning their products are derived from plant-based and mineral materials instead of animal origin. Therefore proven to be healthier for individuals with sensitive, dry, or acne prone skin. According to the 2021 State of Beauty Report by Kyra Media, 50% of Gen Z respondents don’t feel comfortable purchasing beauty products that aren’t certified as ‘cruelty free.’ -making Thread’s connection to Gen Z worthwhile.

Thread has also taken a stance to target all gender pronouns while acknowledging creative expression. I asked the founder, Melissa Butler, how her initial idea of Thread Beauty manifested. She said, “When you think of men who wear make-up or women with tattoos and piercings, you don’t really see that in a commercial beauty space.” Thread is among 50+ black-owned brands that can be purchased in Target stores nation-wide. The large retailer is continuing to raise the bar by creating more shelf space for black owned or -founded brands, and has committed to spend $2B to reevaluate their organizational structure and equity for black businesses.

In many ways Thread Beauty is defining a new beauty scene using self-expression, sustainable efforts, and people of color as the foreground for make-up routines. Their bold, connective stance is weaving through the beauty industry with force.

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