Imagine laying on the beach with shimmery, dew skin ready for any photo opportunity. Make-up and tropical weather usually don’t agree with each other because there’s a fine line between glowy skin and sweaty make-up trickling down your face. Which is why makeup is better for night outings while on vacation, but during the day a lightweight oil is a great alternative to a heavy body lotion. Excessive heat can dehydrate your skin, so it’s important to stay moisturized even in summer weather.

The best time to apply body oil is after stepping out of the shower to lock in hydration. Body oil can also be added to a warm bath or blended with a lotion. From there, massaging the product into your skin will instantly improve its appearance and hydrate the skin. Summer body oils are a great way to bronze the skin and most are formulated with a shimmering shine. From Tom Ford to Black Girl Sunscreen, these moisturizers are great for an on-the-go glow:

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc, $34-$100

A lightweight scented oil with amber, wood, and white floral notes.