One thing for sure that we can always count on is constant change and the need to adapt and evolve. The world is constantly changing and like it or not our lives are always in state of creation and momentum. Some of us fight it out and live our lives in suffering and fear. Wondering what might have been and avoiding uncomfortable truths. Falling into the trap of victimhood and perpetual cycles of low self-esteem. 

Others are ready for whatever life gives them. They have a joy of spirt and have realized that happiness comes from within without need for validation of others.  They know deep down that there’s never a test or obstacle that they can’t overcome. They will try until they fail and get up and start over again. They’re able to find happiness and freedom in the darkest of times. These are the unstoppable beings that bring value to our lives. The people who inspire and guide us with how their core values and actions.

I’ve always thought that life has to many self-imposed and societal limitations. Constant reminders to conform and submit. An illogical connection to the powers that seek to control our thoughts and actions. A place where truth and authenticity are both feared and scorned. Feelings of unresolved and undeserved shame and judgment. It’s a world paradigm that no longer has any need or function. 

Now more than ever we need to step back and think about they dysfunction that this system has created. Conflicts and divisions that serve no purpose or meaning. A world that’s waiting for us to reveal the best parts of ourselves and give it a new beginning. A great need to refocus our thinking on that which connects us and less of what we hate about ourselves.

Change is unstoppable and as individuals it’s up to us to create the mindset that helps us meet all obstacles and challenges. An attitude that every day we can learn and be better. Creating new stories and living in alignment with our values and principles. Unstoppable and unbeatable in our intention and momentum. Each of us coming to terms with ourselves and making our dreams reality. Unleashing our powers and becoming superhuman. Actualizing our value and creating more happiness. Transcending limitations while raising our vibration. A connection with the universe it’s made we when give ourselves permission to be happy and live our best lives. A catalyst for overcoming diversity and becoming our reinvention.

Back when the pandemic began I was ready for anything and knew that I would survive and thrive despite the panic and inertia in the world around. I had spent the last several years honing my skills and developing my innate gifts. I focused on what I did best and let go of things that didn’t serve my purpose. Giving more meaning while creating more wisdom. I felt whole and knew that my core values were in place and demonstrated in my leadership and voice.

I knew who I was and was determined to weather the circumstances with courage and self-confidence. It was a dark time for all of us, but I believe we are best when we understand our strengths and weaknesses and use them to help others. Through it all I found happiness in helping and offering advice. Assisting others in recovering their mindset and attitudes. Encouraging and coaching while taking care of my employees and businesses. 

As the stoics wrote so passionately, it’s in the toughest of times that we find the best in ourselves. It’s when are the proudest of our actions while keeping our egos in check. A feeling of a capability and knowing that every day we are doing our best. The truth is that adversity can be a catalyst for happiness, success, and self-evolution.

The truth is that the old of rules of the past need to be considered and discarded if no longer applicable. Tradition might sound noble, but its reality is always venal and hollow. What we were trained to think is important is based on illusion. The anti-dote is to question and employe logic and reason. The solutions are always there if we open our minds and change our perspective.


1. Adapting a warrior-like mindset where all actions have purpose and serve the greater good is a way to live in clarity and honor. Harnessing our inner strengths and understanding them helps us to grow and make better decisions. It creates more choices and offers more solutions. A strength of character that comes from within. To be unstoppable is fully embrace chaos and adversity as a learning tool. Times of turmoil may shock as at first, but it can unleash powers and strengths that we were never aware of. This is how we reinvent our lives with more passion and valor. Becoming the starts of our own life story. Always knowing that the only safe place is where we are at the moment. Each step taking us further on our magical journey.

2. Accepting our fate and rising to challenges is what creates our own personal greatness. It separates us from those who live in fear and self-created dramas. It’s moving forward in all time for eternity. A mindset that we learn to love and appreciate every moment that life gives us. Always believing that life is a game that’s best played when we are constantly transcending our limitations.  Unstoppable warriors are always challenging established beliefs, renewing their purpose, and creating self-mastery. A path that’s enhanced by respecting the choices and decisions of others while avoiding any collision.

3. Becoming unstoppable means integrating our shadow and darker aspects of our soul and accepting ourselves fully. It’s celebration of individualism and uniqueness. The key to becoming unstoppable in any life situation. Never losing our sense of wonder and curiosity while we find ourselves questioning. Fighting our inner most monsters and demons until we conquer them. Expressing and evaluating our flaws and how to acknowledge them. Being able to walk through the fire of life with our heads held high.

All humans have the power to become unstoppable in body or mind. We are each our own best advocates and have inherent and inherited limitations, but the attitude we take is entirely our own and guides our decisions. To be superhuman may seem daunting and impossible at first. But it’s only our fears and self-created doubts that hold us back and keep us from thriving.

As The Happiness Warrior, my mission is to help raise happiness and make it an important part of our lives. It more than just a feeling but basic human right that helps us explore what it means to be human on a deeply personal level. There are no rules for how we feel, but there are conditions that help us grow and make the most out of our lives. By applying the steps above we can learn to take better control of our lives. It’s a process that must be respect and carefully tended. No laziness or sloppiness are allowed or tolerated. It’s natural to slip at times, but self-discipline is required. 

No one else is responsible for our success or happiness. The story of our lives is us to create and acknowledge. Be seen, be heard, and jump feet first into life and take what it gives us. There’s a lesson in everything and it’s time for us to get started!