I work on a site where a lot of folks bounce from reader to reader — as a hobby or even an addiction. Some folks get readings because they are in a relationship so sparse with activity that to make it to the next date, they need someone to tell them it’s worth it. Others are working on their manifestation skills, visualizing what they want with ardor and commitment and want validation that they yes, will get the items on their carefully curated dream board. Still others just want to know when there will be contact from their POI and go from reader to reader to get an acceptable range. Sometimes, clients come to the site for health questions, financial advice or for help with their life mission. These last 3 categories, however, are fewer in the queue for reasons we’ll discuss in a bit.
None of these reasons for consulting a psychic advisor is wrong. How can anyone be judged for wanting to know…anything? Especially when everyone’s situation, no matter how seemingly “typical”, is always unique. There are many mishaps, however to getting readings and some caution should be advised.

First, most of the time when someone is asking about a POI’s intentions — if it’s worth it, are they serious, why is the POI silent, when will they contact — usually the client is out of their body with anxiety. Everyone has experienced a relationship where they are curious about someone’s intentions. For me, ironically, the clients that have the most anxiety about their POI already know the answer they are seeking — but they don’t want to admit it to themselves.

Already, these clients are so psychic and they are feeling anxiety for a reason. However, they have trauma from relationships in this life and other lives that lead them to doubt themselves and their intuition. They are so open, that they feel what is actually happening with their POI but are also activating the trauma, the scar tissue, from the other situations, wadding it up and confusing their intimations. They go to a reader to cut through the confusion and hopefully they get the right, authentic reader that tells them the truth — “good” or “bad”. Should they get a reader that is, believe it or not, compassionate but perhaps less than honest, they may get an answer that pops a sugar candy into their being to lift them for the moment but will cause a crash because their internal warning system eventually realizes the falsity of the reading or they get a real time answer from the situation that negates it. This crash can be devastating, and the first reason caution is advised.

Many times, someone looking for a quick answer on a psychic site (as opposed to making an appointment with a private advisor) will go to more than one advisor. If someone comes to me, typing really fast but calling me “dear” and “hon” to hide their hurry — my alarm bells go off. I do a quick check of their energy so see if the energy is clear or what I called “chunked up”. Here we have the second reason why caution is advised when getting too many readings. When you go to an authentic advisor, you are allowing someone into your energy field. Most psychics work on the outer energy field, the mental field, and they will pick up on what is there. They will sort it but it is a surface shuffle — what they pick up is mostly ambient thoughts, and may or may not be accurate. The shuffling can cause confusion, and, repeated a few times, can even cause physical symptoms because the mental will cut into the physical — just think about eating a lemon — you get it. In addition, it’s quite true that things in life can shift, they are shifting all the time with our thoughts as the last receptor or interpreter of what is going on in our situation, and a psychic advisor will interpret what they find. This may or may not be what another advisor picked up. The client will side with some advisors and not others, resulting in the client thinking they received a bad reading. It is very important not to compare a reading to another reading.

Sometimes a client who is usually excellent at manifesting and probably more than a little stubborn, will go to advisors looking for validation — usually regarding someone else’s intentions. When a client comes to me on the site, pushing the reading — meaning they ask validation questions such as — he’s just scared right? He really loves me right? — often I won’t read for them. They have already decided what they want to hear and I can’t fight with them. It’s not ethical to tell them what they want to hear if it’s not what I’m getting and it will only cause anger in many cases. No one needs that — advisors don’t deserve that and clients shouldn’t be encouraged to abuse advisors by hammering their ideas into a reading. If I do read for a client pushing a reading, it is with caution — I proceed slowly, and see if they might be open. If they start getting frustrated or angry, I usually end the reading.

So, now that we have looked at what caution is advised, let’s look at how to get a GREAT psychic reading. If you want a REAL answer to a CAREFULLY thought out question, you are on the right track. A real answer is not an answer you want because the discomfort of waiting a week to hear from someone has you breaking things and wanting the pain to stop. It’s natural to want that, but it won’t necessarily result in wanting a real answer. Tom Petty famously sang, “the waiting is the hardest part.” It is the truth. People get into weird situations to be sure, but the most important thing is what we are doing with our own lives. If we are hanging on someone’s call to tell us it’s ok to make it to the next week or that we are worthy of love — most times, one reading won’t help. It will create dependency and desperation.

If you sit with your feelings, maybe cry a little from even frustration and possible betrayal, and then want to get answers — go and get a reading. Research a few advisors, their specialties, reviews that tell a story of gratitude and, perhaps, clients getting an accurate answer even if it wasn’t what they wanted. Then after your first reading, just as if you were going to a doctor, you can get a second opinion — AFTER sitting with the first reading. You always want to feel as grounded as possible when getting a reading — that can be difficult when you are in distress but we have to do what we can to get the real answers we want. Folks that are looking for health advice usually are steered away from psychic sites by disclaimers saying “for entertainment purposes only”, “no medical or financial advice”, etc. There are psychics that are also Medical Intuitives, but you need to find them. Financial advice is tricky because there are so many factors going into financial issues — that’s a whole other article. Suffice it to say that financial issues can be read but it’s good to find someone experienced in that type of reading. Someone trying to find their life mission should also do a lot of research before going to an advisor and find someone that has a good track record and lists “life coaching” or “intuitive life coach” on their bio.

Don’t compare the readings — compare how you really feel before and after a reading. If you keep getting reading after reading — you may actually get more inaccurate readings than accurate ones and you may be inclined to believe the inaccurate ones. Please note: when I say “inaccurate”, I am referring to the actual reality that presents itself real-time. Things can change over time and no one and everyone can be accurate. Also, recall that too many readings can chop up your energy field and that can change the answers you receive and also the outcome. Outcomes depend upon energy and even subtle shifts in one’s very powerful energy field can change things.

It’s important to give the power back to the client. The disclaimers that say “readings are for entertainment purposes only” are great qualifiers, insurance, and safety nets for advisors and clients but those disclaimers can be deceiving. A great reading is a blessing and there are tons of amazing readers. Anything can be abused, of course. If you are starving and someone gives you an orange — wow that’s brilliant. If you sit in an orange grove and eat 100 oranges, even ones rotted on the ground, you’ll have some problems. If you are getting a reading for entertainment — that’s fine, but then check in with yourself, and let it go. If you are getting a reading out of desperation, that’s fine, but then check in with yourself, and let it go. Even the best surgeons in the world can make mistakes but we still may need their help. The more you can stay IN your body, not wracked or wrecked by out of control emotions, the more you will know the answer yourself as well as get a great reading by someone that can cut through confusion and get a clear answer.

Psychic ability is real and a good intuitive coach/advisor is wonderful to have. Everyone is psychic, however, and you want to first check in with yourself before going to get a reading. After you check in, treat a reading like a gift to yourself, a precious gift, not a pile of candy…unless you really have a hankering for a sugar rush.

Submitted by Miss M.