Sitting in your room, blinds closed, comforter over your head with a bottle of vodka on the side of your bed. We’ve all been there getting over a break up can be heartbreaking, however never allow the break up to break you down. Calling it quits with your significant other can be a time for you to take time to reflect. While looking back you can see where the relationship went wrong, look at all of the things you wouldn’t bring in your future relationships, what are the qualities that you want your new beau to possess, and finally do what makes you happy.  Having a relationship is a beautiful thing especially when you find your equal.

However, you want to make sure the relationship is healthy, and worth your time and effort. You want to make sure the love that you’re given is reciprocated.  You never want to be in a situation where you are giving so much of yourself, and when you look up you are depleted. So many relationships have ended because one person feels they have given so much love, affection, time, and effort. And it was never given back in return. Well enough of feeling drab sis follow these simple steps to help you get over your breakup! Let’s get you right for the summertime leaving you single and ready to mingle.

Get a journal– Having a journal where you can reflect, open up, and share your thoughts. You need to decompress wellness is important!

Workout– Yes work on your fitness and get that revenge body!

Plan a girls night-Have your girls over for a night to remember, have some wine, and some snacks and let some steam go.

Have dinner with yourself-treat yourself to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant and wear your favorite dress.

Make a list – Make a list of all the things you want in your future beau and future relationship.

Take a spa day- Find the closest and nicest spa near you and get a facial, a massage, and let that dead weight go!

Enjoy yourself- Go on a few dates, get to know other guys and most importantly enjoy your own company!

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