In this crazy world of ours, happiness is often overlooked, devalued, and looked down upon. Time and again, we are guilted into feeling shame and discomfort when we express our true feelings and express our happiness. Too often we are tricked into holding back. We are told to be quiet and stay out of sight. Sadly, happiness has become a feeling that many forsake in their quest for more possessions, influence, and power. The sickness of mind that comes when our ego gains too much power.

Our values have changed, and we’ve forgotten that our natural condition is happiness. Sadly, the vices of envy and jealousy have permeated our consciousness. We’ve forgotten that true happiness is best when shared with others. We’ve been conditioned to believe that personal happiness is something that’s out of reach and just beyond our capabilities.

In this upside-down world that we live in happiness becomes an afterthought in our haste and lack of ability to look inward to ourselves.  Through no fault of our own we’ve been told how to think, who to hate, and how to conform to the powers that seek to make our decisions for us. It’s a mindset created by those who seek to divide and direct our dreams and intentions. The illogical process of giving up what we care about most to satisfy the needs of others. Losing the ability to think freely and canceling our right to be happy. The surrender of our authentic spirit and lowering of our vibration.

Whether we want to admit it and as much as we might try to ignore their presence, happy people are everywhere and are always ready to step in and help. Their mission is to encourage others to join their energy and help make their lives more fulfilling and connected with others. They are always ready to help and listen. Happy people are the inspiration to make our lives whole and truthful once again. They know that happiness is a basic human right. A place where truth and wisdom blends with empathy and good feelings.

Happy people use their energy to grow stronger and more vibrant. They are the leaders who guide with a gentle hand and powerful voice. They show gratitude for all of life’s experiences and lessons. They know how to handle adversity and challenges with confidence and intention. Nothing can stop them because they know that all problems have a solution.

When I was growing up the one person who always radiated happiness and positive energy was my Aunt Nancy. Everyone knew her and everywhere we went people would stop and share their lives with her. Knowing she would listen and remember every word.

We were very close ever since I can remember. When Aunt Nancy was around I felt like she was the one who understood and accepted me. We talked, walked, did craft projects, and weeded her magnificent and magical gardens. She nurtured the earth and understood her role in its stewardship. She made me feel good about myself in a way that no one else did. She helped me keep going in times where I felt lost and confused about how I saw myself. I felt like she always took pride in me and wanted me to do my best. She embodied good feelings and always believed in the maxim that happiness is best when it’s shared with all.

Most of us have someone in our lives who we might think of as a Happiness Warrior. Someone who cares and puts others at ease. They understand the power of laughter and human connection. The innate ability to heal fractures and divisions with forgiveness and temerity. An individual or group with like-minded ideas and core values. A mindset where everyone counts, and equality is paramount. The person who helps makes us believe that living happier lives is important and life changing.

Around a decade ago after years of long hours and commitment to my entrepreneurial life I decided that I was suffering from a lack of creativity in my daily experience. Sure, I was working and growing my business with innovative ideas, and success. But I felt that something was missing, and I yearned for the art and culture that I revered so much in my younger years. My responsibilities were shifting and had more time to consider my dreams and desires. More time to rethink the value of happiness and how to live in my truth.

One activity that I had begun while opening my first business was training and competing for physique competitions. It was a natural fit for the time and place, and I began yet another reinvention and transformation. A new sport in which self-discipline ruled. A growth mindset in all things and a desire to push myself harder.

My life became happier as I became more confident and grounded. It was a thoughtful period with long hours of training and time to understand myself better. My mindset shifted and I removed a lot of personal barriers and fears.

I learned the power of the attitude and mindset we select. I relearned how the impact of my decisions and actions might influence others. The value of spreading happiness and empathy no matter where we are. Using kind and life-affirming words to others and spreading my joy. The sublime feeling when everyone remembers us and looks forward to our presence.

Back then, without yet knowing the outcome, I’d begun my awakening into becoming The Happiness Warrior.  After so many decades of struggling with self-confidence and suppressed feelings I became happier than I ever imagined. Happiness was my weapon in combating doubt and fear.


As The Happiness Warrior, I like to go through life with an open mind and a sense of adventure. I smile often and show respect for those around me. I give a brief smile to others when I feel their energy. I believe that there’s nothing wrong with saying hello or good morning. I explore and immerse myself in new people and experiences. I vibe with and feel my energy as it joins the stream of consciousness in my surroundings. I consciously seek to raise self-esteem and create good feelings wherever I go. I realize that I’m not alone and there are many others like me.

Here are things we can do every day in our lives to raise our own ability to experience more happiness and share it with others:

1.       Smiles are so simple and so complex. Just the act of smiling when we’re feeling depressed or discontented can lighten our mood and cause us to feel a moment of happiness. A short smile can raise our vibration and help us feel more connected with our inner happiness. A sincere smile to a stranger can even create new friendships built on trust, familiarity, and understanding. Try going out in the world and being open and friendly with everyone we see and feel that shift that comes with a change of mindset.

2.       Surround yourself with happy people. Happy people are always easy to identify. Their body language is relaxed, and they are talkative and always ready to laugh and share a moment of humor with others.

3.       Be kind. This doesn’t need any explanation. Kindness is a choice that will always provide results beyond our imagination.

4.       Practice gratitude and never take anything or anyone for granted. Know that when someone or something important comes into our lives we receive messages and new opportunities..

5.       Spread positivity and never let negative energy consume or interrupt our positive thoughts and actions.

6.       Know when to let go of negative people or situations. It’s not always healthy to stick things out. Listen to the inner voice that guides us and think about how much happier we will be as soon as we remove ourselves from dissonance.

7.       Seek positive and uplifting content when looking for news and entertainment.

8.       Have a clear understanding of what happiness means. Happiness comes from within and is entirely our choice.

9.       Be part of the solution!

There’s no doubt that true happiness is within all of our reach. It’s there all around us and waiting for us to join in. Just one small step with one kind word or smile for a stranger or friend is all it takes to begin. The self-created belief that we deserve more. Going forth into the world with intention and empathy. The power of happiness will transform and unite us. The glorious feeling that we get when we give ourselves permission to be happy and share it with others!

Photo Credits: TH Warrior