Without a doubt, healthy and curly hair is in. If you want to add more curls to make your hair more stylish and gorgeous, then having wavy extensions is your best option. Surely, there is a perfect match for the type and pattern of your curly or wavy hair.

However, caring for curly and wavy extensions is far different from caring for straight extensions. In particular, high-quality extensions require a high-maintenance regimen to sustain the texture and the curls intact. Wavy extensions are more prone to dryness because they lack moisture that comes from oils naturally produced by the scalp. They need extra TLC to keep the gorgeous spirals or zigzag shape. 

Pro tips to take care of your curly and wavy extensions

1. Finger-brush your extensions

Curly human hair extensions need proper attention and gentle care to keep their distinct shape and pattern. Finger brushing is the best way to untangle the knots. Start from the bottom of extensions up. You can co-wash them if they are too tangled, then use a wide tooth comb to untangle the wet and moisturized hair from bottom to top. 

Avoid brushing your extensions when they are dry to prevent breakage, loss of curl pattern, shedding, and frizzing. Always comb the hair downward, never upward or side by side.

2. Skip daily washing

Shampooing your hair extensions two times a week is recommended. Daily washing can dry the curls, making them look frizzed. Do not overuse conditioner because it will make the hair look dingy and limp. The right amount of conditioning will make the extensions look shiny, silky, and smooth. Do the conditioning process gently, section by section.

3. Have a co-washing routine

Co-washing means “conditioner-only washing.” It works well for drier types of hair, including curly and wavy tresses. It restores the hair’s softness, sheen, and moisture. Use conditioners that are moisture-based and silicone-free for optimum benefits. 

When co-washing your extensions, get them soppy wet, then apply an adequate amount of conditioner from hair roots to tips. For drier, curly, or wavy hair extensions, leaving the conditioner for 5 to 10 minutes helps to hydrate the curly or wavy strands.

4. Use leave-in conditioner and serum.

Leave-in products are perfect for curly and wavy hair extensions. They keep them hydrated, nourished, and moisturized. Using a leave-in serum or conditioner on the wefts regularly can also prolong their functionality. 

Choose products that suit the type of your hair extensions. If you have coily or kinky extensions that are the same as Type 4 curls, choose products with shea butter or coconut oil. For extensions that are similar to Type 3 hair, find products with coconut milk, jojoba, or argan oil.

5. Avoid products with harsh ingredients.

Curly and wavy hair extensions need deeply moisturizing products to prevent them from becoming tangled, dry, and frizzy. Hence, it is important to choose shampoo and conditioners that do not contain super-drying ingredients and proteins. Protein-based products are good for natural curls because they restore balance and revive curl definition, but they can make your extensions tangled and matted. 

Stay away from products with silicones. They can weigh down the extensions and cause massive buildup. If you can avoid them, ensure that they are water-soluble. Avoid products with sulfates because they can dry the extensions and cause premature slippage because they affect the keratin bonds. 

6. Refrain from heat styling

Heat can cause the pretty curls and waves to end up frizzy or lose their pretty shape. If you cannot avoid blow drying, set the hair dryer to the lowest heat setting and use a diffuser to reduce the velocity. If there are few strands that lose their wave or curl, a curling iron can do the quick fix. However, you need a heat protectant to prevent damage. Flexi rods and perm rods are also excellent heatless methods to revive your curls. 

7. Air dry your extensions 

Wet hair is easily damaged and very fragile. It also applies to your curly or wavy extensions. Experts recommend letting them dry naturally. Do not soak or scrub them. After washing clip-in extensions, use a soft towel to remove the excess water before hanging them on a clothes hanger with clips. Another way to air dry the curly hair extensions is by leaving them overnight on a microfiber towel. 

8. Use protection when sleeping

Prevent tangled, knotted, and matted hair when you wake up by using a satin pillowcase. A satin scarf or a silk bonnet to cover the hair is also a good option. Pins and clips to secure the curls are also recommended to keep your extensions secure and tamed.


Getting curly or wavy hair extensions is an investment you must take care of from day one. Enjoy long-lasting curls and waves by opting for the best quality extensions and following a post-application care routine. Neglecting them can be disastrous to your looks and pocket.