Previously, on “Being a Band-Aid will have Consequences.”

As I previously discussed how it is simply not healthy mentally and emotionally to have friends and even family who are as broken and maybe need an extra amount of glue.

But the problem is time you learn; you cannot glue everyone together when you are also falling apart or crumbling to existence. There is no justice there. As my previous article made an eye-opener for some, I thought it would be time for maybe a part two since some of us still have not gotten the clue yet.

Well, let us get started.

Let us be real in such a relationship can be and considerably a toxic relationship and even heartbreaking, and it can be a mouthful meaning there will be a need for a whole lot of conversation. With input, many will say and generalize, “why don’t you put them on the backburner or pause?” It is not easy for some, especially when you have memories and an emotional attachment that cannot be forgotten. Before you rip the band-aid off and maybe expose more injuries here, how you can try to do it without feeling away about it.

I have started doing this for some individuals, but I still have some difficulties. Always learning, you cannot bring everyone to the party exceptionally when they are not qualified.

Learn to diminish them out of your life.

Either you are on the same page or you both of not putting enough effort on your friendship by doing this, it should not be a fighting mechanism it yo be honest, it is useful.

Try not to contact them as often leave some time to breathe. You talk to them every day, change it to every other day, and do something that fulfills you, not stressing you out. Also, you may want to do less check-in or catch up because at the end of the day why do you always have to be the one checking up on them it should be a two-way street remember!

Please wake up; it is time to end the friendship.

Especially if it is making you unhappy, remember we are in the era of making you happy if you feel disserves; in your friendship, you know what to do.

However, it does not mean to get a quick ten-piece chicken nugget run focus!

This is a tolerably tricky decision, and it demands much strength from you, in the same way, those parting ways with a friend. The grand thing is, it provides you both the chance to get everything erased and in the exposed and reach a conclusion.

It is essential.

Think about getting help, counseling, or a therapy session; it does not hurt. Especially as life changing as deciding to let someone go, it can put you in an emotional state you may need help to get out of.

Well, welcome to adulthood and if you are already there.

There needs to be some manual, don’t you agree?