Are you ready to transform your hair into a long and voluminous mane? Zala hair extensions have you covered! But let’s be honest, installing hair extensions can be challenging, especially if you’re using them for the first time and want to achieve a natural look.

But fret not, because this post will guide you through the process and give you some insider tips on how to style Zala hair extensions for a flawless and fun look. So, grab your extensions, and let’s get started on this hair transformation journey!

Get Your Extensions Trimmed at a Salon

This is the most important step to take before installing your Zala human hair extensions. A skilled stylist will know how to trim your hair extensions so they can blend well with your natural hair and don’t look too obvious.

 What’s more, your hairstylist will cut the extensions in a way that’s ideal for your hair. Remember, if your hair is short and the extensions are longer, they will look unnatural and awkward. And if the extensions are too short, they won’t blend properly with your hair. Expert installation of the extensions will also ensure your hair gets enough volume, length, and thickness.

Backcomb Your Locks Before Installing Extensions

Backcombing is a technique that involves teasing the hair to create texture. This makes it easier for the extensions to grip onto your natural hair. Start by taking a small section of your hair and holding it at the roots. Then, use a fine-tooth comb to comb your hair in the opposite direction, towards the roots. Repeat this process on different sections of your hair, focusing on the areas where you want to attach the extensions.

Install Your Hair Extensions and Brush Your Hair

Once you’ve backcombed your hair, it’s time to install your Zala Remy hair extensions. First, section your hair, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Then, take a weft of hair extension and clip it close to the roots of your hair. Make sure the clips are securely attached.

Repeat the process until you’ve attached all hair extensions. Finally, brush your hair and the extensions so that they blend properly. Make sure to brush from the ends towards the roots to achieve a seamless, natural-looking flow.

Put in Hair Extensions at an Angle

Many people struggle with creating a seamless blending at the front of their faces. One way to achieve natural blending is to install the extensions at an angle. This technique will create a more natural-looking flow and prevent your hair from looking too bulky.

It’s a good idea to take a section of your hair and attach the extensions at a diagonal angle. Doing so will not only help with blending, but it can also give your hair more body, length, and a smoother look. The best part? Your hair will be more feathered, creating an illusion of natural hair.

Clip the Extensions Closer Together

This technique works best for those with short or short layered hair. Clipping the extensions together also helps create a perfect blend between the extensions and your hair since it prevents any gaps or spaces from showing.

Plus, placing multiple extensions closer together across your head will help break up the layers, giving you natural-looking and fuller hair. This technique will also make your hair look bouncy and glamorous.

Place the Extensions Upside Down for Updo Styles

If you plan on styling your hair in an updo, consider placing the extensions upside down. This will help create more body and add more volume to your locks, making it easier to create a flawless updo.

Choose Your Hair Extension Color Carefully

The color of your hair extensions will also determine whether your hair looks natural. While you can color Zala extensions just like your own hair, it’s a good idea to pick hair extensions in a color that matches your natural hair’s shade as closely as possible. A closer match will ensure the extensions and your natural hair blend perfectly.

While Zala hair extensions allow you to get fuller, longer, and thicker hair instantly, it is essential to know how to install and style them for a natural and seamless look. The tips above will ensure your Zala extensions blend perfectly with your hair so you can flaunt stunning hairstyles with confidence.

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