It’s not often you receive the gift of knowledge from a powerhouse businesswoman, but when you do – you LISTEN. Gain key advice from the IRS Problem Solver, Yvette Best in this exclusive interview.

How does it feel being a business women especially in this generation?
In this generation, being a business woman can be a thrilling yet demanding experience, as there is a constant need to keep up with the latest technologies, customer expectations, and industry trends. It is crucial to remain focused on your personal values and goals while also being flexible and receptive to new knowledge and experiences. Although there are more opportunities for women to excel in business, we still face systemic obstacles and prejudices that need to be addressed. Therefore, it is essential for women to support and encourage each other.

What motivates you the most to continue pushing your dreams as a top priority?

Having a clear vision of my goals and staying committed to them is incredibly motivating. Surrounding myself with supportive peers, seeking out mentors, and celebrating small wins along the way also provides the necessary encouragement and inspiration to always keep pushing toward my dreams as a top priority.

What mindset do you feel is necessary when entering the field of business?
Having a growth mindset, being committed to lifelong learning, and adapting to change are essential when entering the business world. Taking calculated risks and having a strong work ethic are also important. Mistakes are okay, as long as you learn from them and improve. Keeping an optimistic and persistent attitude while being open to constructive criticism is also crucial to navigating the challenges of starting and growing a business.

What are some personal tips that you can give to the up and coming women of business?
First of all, believe in yourself and your abilities. Surrounding yourself with supportive mentors and peers can also be incredibly helpful in building confidence and gaining knowledge. Additionally, seeking out learning opportunities, whether it’s through courses, books, or workshops, can expand your skills and keep you up-to-date with industry trends. Despite obstacles, you must also remain resilient and persistent. Finally, remember you don’t have to go it alone and connect with other women in business for support.

As a women first, what would you say is the most important when becoming your own boss?
Staying organized, staying focused, and prioritizing your mental and physical well-being are crucial as a business woman. Delegating tasks effectively and building a strong team are also important. For women in business, it’s also important to be aware of and navigate potential biases or obstacles, and to establish a supportive network of peers and mentors who can guide and encourage you.