Summer is on the way, and it’s time to get our skin prepared for it! I’m a sucker for super smooth skin, and for me, the skin on my body needs just as much TLC as the skin on my face…if not more. With heat exposure and chlorinated water combined, skin dryness is bound to amp up this season. But, with a hydrating routine, our skin can both glow and stay protected in these skin-harsh months.

Osmosis Beauty is giving us minimal effort and maximum results with clean, pharmaceutical-grade skincare. Founded by Dr. Ben Johnson, Osmosis Beauty is a holistic beauty brand with a mission to give skincare experiences that not only promote healthy skin, but inspire permanent results. The esthetician-loved brand creates non-toxic, exclusive skin care and wellness technology that maximize the skin’s health with a focus on dermal remodeling, barrier and DNA repair, and detoxification. Osmosis Beauty also has several gentle products that restore the health of skin compromised by radiation, chemotherapy, and stressed immune systems, in an effort to reduce cancer risk.


I tried two skin care essentials from Osmosis Beauty for my skin and I’m so glad that I did.

Osmosis Beauty is taking a unique approach to the praised (and super relaxing) skin rollers that beauty experts swear by. They recently released their EPIC Body Tool that you should definitely consider investing in. This skin rolling device increases circulation, smooths, firms, and re-energizes the skin while engaging up to 30% more of a product’s active ingredients by infusing them more deeply into the skin’s surface layer. The EPIC Body Tool has a weighted handle with 360-degree, angled rollers that have mini-pyramids to penetrate creams and oils just beyond the lipid barrier.

With copper alloy technology, the EPIC Body Tool is designed to maximize the performance of your skincare by advancing active ingredients into the skin, without compromising your skin’s health. Copper has been an essential, healing mineral for centuries especially when it came to curing wounds and infections. Naturally, copper is antimicrobial and a great conductor of heat, making it gentle for the skin. Used as an active ingredient in dietary supplements, topical beauty products, and consumer related products, copper has shown to improve overall health, skin elasticity, banish fine lines and wrinkles, and boost the production of collagen.


The Rejuvenating Body Cream is a nourishing, healing, and protective cream that helps feed the skin and provide protein building blocks to improve tone and elasticity. Key ingredients Chlorella and niacinamide hydrate for radiant skin and promote collagen production, which is crucial in the reduction of stretch marks. Unlike the skin on my face, the skin on my body doesn’t hold moisture as well. Having dry skin probs, I was pleasantly surprised on how well the EPIC Body Tool and Rejuvenating Body Cream treated my skin. This light, silky, and rich body cream keeps me moisturized for full days, and for those that prefer a non-greasy finish, you’ll be pleased.

After showering, I apply the Rejuvenating Body Cream then roll the EPIC Body Tool slowly all over my skin. The cream and body tool go hand-in-hand nicely, however, I’ve also tried other lotions with the body tool and it still increases their longevity! Osmosis Beauty suggests using the EPIC Body Tool once a day, and to begin with low pressure rolling. After the first few uses, feel free to apply firm pressure. I’m sure you can use the EPIC Body Tool on your face; however, opting for Osmosis Beauty’s EPIC Face Tool may be a better and more gentler option for facial rolling.


Don’t neglect caring for the skin on your body, and consider updating your routine with Osmosis Beauty. To shop and learn more about Osmosis Beauty, visit!