In this day and age, online media and content creation have been the main sources for entertainment. Many young adults and teenagers have become the lead providers of online content. YouTube has been one of the leading platforms for video creation and is the most visited website in the world. It’s a teenager’s dream to become the next YouTube star like PewDiePie and MrBeast, but there is a slight success rate because of branding miscalculations. JamalTheCreator is a YouTuber, who has survived the ups and downs as a content creator in the entertainment industry.

JamalTheCreator was just a kid from Atlanta, Georgia who many people advised to seek a career in creating videos because of his humor. He got his start in the YouTube world by uploading public pranks and vlog videos with one of his high school friends. Not too much time passed before the duo began to accumulate millions of views from uploading their content and earning thousands of fans simultaneously. They were gaining much attention on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok in such a short amount of time. Eventually, creator management powerhouse Studio71 reached out to the two, and they landed a management contract.

As good as being a viral YouTuber sounds, it is not that easy when it comes to sustaining that position. In entertainment, It is very common to lose fame as fast as you gain it. Most young entertainers make the mistake of getting caught up in their hype, which causes them to lose focus on their branding and content. This has become one of the main reasons why young entertainers and content creators fail in their first year. Surprisingly, JamalTheCreator has been able to hold his place in the industry since his start.

JamalTheCreator knew that in order to maintain relevance in the entertainment world, you must establish a successful brand presence. In all sides of entertainment, it is very important to stand for a cause or reason that is meaningful to others. A personal brand is what saved JamalTheCreator’s career because fans were able to understand his mission on a personal level. He mastered his ability to stay true to himself and uphold his unique personality, which became his dominant advantage. That was the first reason he was able to keep his spot as a household name on the YouTube platform.

Another reason JamalTheCreator is able to thrive is because of his knowledge in the media. Staying up-to-date is an important factor when it comes to thriving as an entertainer. You miss out on a large number of opportunities when you are ignorant to what’s going on in your industry’s atmosphere. JamalTheCreator knew that many entertainers were focused solely on the trending content, and not the industry changes. Even rapper Lil Nas X was smart to utilize TikTok because it was trending, and he has since sold millions of records because of it. It may seem a little corny, but reading newsletters every morning might just do you a bit of justice in your career.

As a rising content creator, JamalTheCreator has proven his desire for long-term success. With the many struggles of being a YouTuber and an entertainer in general, he aims to avoid falling in the footsteps of “one-hit-wonders”. JamalTheCreator is an advocate for teens creating content, but staying informed in the industry so that they can live out meaningful careers. He believes that the youth of this generation is meant to prevail, and create a new wave of entertainment. It isn’t an easy journey, but as long as you are consistent and persistent, the process of success in entertainment becomes a simple science.

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